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Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach
Visitor Information
Famous For : Nature Lovers, Fun Lovers, Adventure Seekers
Entrance Fee : No entry fee
Visiting Time : All days of the week 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Duration of Visit : 2 to 3 hours

Morjim Beach is definitely one of the best beaches of Goa. Its a poets’ paradise which sky changing colors and sun setting in. Located south to Ashwem beach it is considered to be one of the most tranquil beaches of Goa, offering peace and serenity. Tourists come here for relaxing and dining out. This place is lined up with restaurants and cottages which offer some of the best relaxation things. Morjim Beach is also locally known as “ Little Russia” because of huge inhabitation of Russians here who stay for more than a month in this beautiful heaven.

Things to do in Amer Fort Things to Do

  • Morjim Beach is famous for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. Spend time here enjoying these beautiful creatures. Giving food to them and disturbing them is not allowed. Tourists often click photos with these turtles.
  • Its a peaceful beach and not activity. Tourists like to spend lazy evenings and afternoons in the beach side shacks and sun beds. Local drink Feni and fresh coconut water are sought after in this place.
  • Morjim beach offers a plenty of things to do apart from water sports adventures. Enjoy the beach with watching dolphins swimming in deep sea, diving for sea gulls, look out for water birds including beautiul kingfishers, kites and other species. Adventure sports is not much here due to inhabitation of water animals.
  • Its a peaceful beach with lots of Russians inhabitating this beach and its surroundings. That is the reason why local eateries and restaurants sell lot of russian cuisine along with Goan food. Enjoy both of these cuisines. A lot of private beach sun beds, coco palms, Russian sports bar and beach touching restaurants can be found here. Its a clean beach and yourits are bound to keep it clean.

Timing Shopping

With lots of Russians and very less locals; this place does not offer much in shopping. Whatever is sold here is mostly of use to russian tourists. So if you are looking for Russian souveniers; you can shop it here. Other stuff includes local dresses, designer light wearing clothes, shoes, sea – shell bangles and other such stuff which are more of for daily use rather than shopping stuff.

Entrance How to Reach

By air one can first reach Panjim Airport. From there reach Morjim beach which is close by. To reach by train, you need to reach Vasco da Gama railway first. From Thivim to Morjim it is just 2 kms which can be covered by pre – paid taxi or a local bus. From Madagaon eary trains start early; usually at 6 a.m..

Architectural Beauty of the Amber fo Tips for Traveller

Morjim Beach is filled with Russian tourists. Because of the high number of russians who inhabitate this beach; prices of restaurants, hotels, taxis including shopping and food are likewise. This place definitely gives a somewhat feeling of being in Russia; yet if you are ready to shell out much, do not spend much time here. Enjoy the best of the beach with seeing dolphins and turtles which make for the best attractions of the beach. Almost every place here accepts credit cards, cash cards and travel cards; so use these as much as possible. Avoid use of cash wherever possible. Always keep your kids along with you and dont let them go out of eye – sight. Be in touch with your tour operator to be on the safer side.

Attraction Nearby Attractions

The best way to see around is to hire a bike and go around the places. This beach is well known for end – of – the day vibrant parties. Some parties are celebrated in the lesser known Chapora Fort; often for big business houses. From the fort one can easily see the Chopdem river giving a good scenic beauty. Palm and Casauarina pines make it a picturesuqe place. Other best things include goind on silent river cruises, dolphin sight seeing and away from the beach watersports activities.

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