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Cochin Destination Guide

Cochin or Kochi is one of the most important cities of Kerala for centuries. Cochin also has finest natural harbors on the Arabian Sea coast of India. Cochin has been a port of call for foreign from very early times. Ancient mariners from Arabia, Holland, Britain, China and Portugal have all left their mark on this beautiful island city of Cochin. The cosmopolitan character of Cochin is reflected in the buildings and structures representing styles. Cochin City is one of the most important commercial centers of Kerala.

Kerala's prime tourist destination, Cochin is located between the Arabian Sea and the charming backwaters. Cochin has a moderate climate due to its coastal location. The southwest monsoons bring heavy showers to the region during the months of June, July and August, while the northeast monsoon brings light rainfall during the months September, October, November and December. During December to February, the weather of Cochin remains pretty cool. From the point of view of travel, you can visit Cochin all the year round, as the weather remains moderate.

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