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Kerala Tourism

Unique geographical features of Kerala, located on the south-western tip of India, make it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in India. Kerala is rightly called "God's Own Country". Travelogy India

Climate in Kerala is pleasant throughout the year. It is neither too hot nor too cold with negligible variations of temperature throughout the year. Kerala has everything to offer viz. clean beaches, frequent l stretches of backwaters, lush green hill stations and wildlife. Being a smallest Indian State, most of the worth-seeing destinations here are within a two - four hour drive from each other.

Kerala's culture has evolved through ages from ancient to modern and still preserved by its people. Classical art forms, religious practices, rituals and folkways besides the ancient Indian holistic system of medicine are kept alive by the Keralites. The simple health conscious people of Kerala offer you cuisine which not only constitute balanced diet but also pleasant to the palate with aroma of local spices.

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