Exotic Tamilnadu Travel Information

Tamil Nadu is really exotic in every respect.  It is exotic for its ancient history with its ancient monuments representing various architectural styles.  It is equally exotic for its hill stations, waterfalls, national parks, local cuisine and wildlife combined with scenic panorama.

Amongst its monuments, the ancient Kapaleshwarar Temple (1640 AD) at Chennai is constructed in the Dravidian style with mandapams (pavilions facing the temple) and gopuram (gateway tower).   San Thome Cathedral (Roman Catholic Church) originally built by the Portuguese in 1504 then rebuilt in neo-Gothic style in 1893 is also in Chennai. At Mamallapuram, there are temples cut out f rocks.  There are many other ancient temples throughout the State.

Tamil Nadu is a tourist attraction for its blue beaches. Marina beach ( 12 km. long fine sandy Beach) at Chinnai is most popular.   Away from the city, there are three famous beaches of  Kovelong, Golden Beach   and Eliot’s Beach.     58 km. from Chennai,  Mahabalipuram Beach is famous for its Seventh Century Shore Temple.

At Kanyakumari beach (Southernmost Tip), Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal meet. This is a famous for watching sunrises and sunsets on full moon. The beach with a lighthouse has multi-colored sand. It is famous Hindu Pilgrame too.
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