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Palace on Wheels - Quite an Experience

My wife and I had long since decided that a trip on “The Palace on Wheels” would be a great way to mark our retirement and to take us to one of the places we wanted to see and so we recently took the trip, in February 2018.

There is no need for me to repeat the itinerary and add my own experiences and opinions, as these are covered so eloquently by others. I would like to share the experience from the point of view of a holiday maker investing not a small sum on a special holiday. It does entail a leap of faith to part with such a sum.

Whilst our decision was based upon recommendation from a friend who had made the trip some years ago, it was interesting to note that there are two features to take into account when searching the internet. The Palace on Wheels could do so much more to promote itself in a more detailed way and they rely heavily upon “agents”, some of whom are considerably more dignified than others in the way they represent this wonderful journey.

I chose “Travology” as my agent, having written to three and selected based upon the manner and detail of the responses. It was a most wise choice, as “Travology”, especially “Sandeep”, were so particular about every detail of our planning. They never tired of numerous questions and, even once they had our deposit, were so helpful.

As to the trip, first of all the “bad bits”. I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever, although we heard that some guests felt that the standard of their cabins fell short of their expectations.

I elected to pay the extra to have a “Super Deluxe” cabin and, for reasons unknown but I will put down to the promotional material, did not appreciate that our entire journey would include virtually personalised guides and transport, from the train stops to all of the main places visited. This made a fantastic surprise, ensuring that our special trip became even more “special”.

We did meet up with the other guests at meal times and on certain excursions and, by-and-large, they were as impressed as we were that the standards of the excursions were so high.

It is worth pointing out that The Palace on Wheels is not only a highly desirable way to see this part of India, it also enjoys a very high status within the tourism industry, assuring that the attention that “Palace guests” receive is of the highest standard. From the special greetings at destinations along the way, to the smooth operation at all places of interest, it is clear that all of the planning and reservations, together with the standing of The Palace reputation acts in the interest of guests.

As neither of us are “gap year traveler age”, we did want some comfort and planning provided on our behalf and we received all of this and so much more. The staff, the food, the cleanliness and entire experience was wonderfully unforgettable. The staff, of whom there is a huge compliment on the train, are thoroughly briefed and desire only to make sure that guests are treated like royalty, it was most humbling. I am much travelled and feel that many hotel and holiday chains could benefit from a week on “The Palace”, they would learn so much.

We wanted a “special trip”, an unforgettable experience and we received exactly that, we also learned a whole new level of wonderment and humility.

Thank you, The Palace on Wheels.
Visited : Mar 2018

SimonP411 Gloucestershire, UK
Palace on Wheels

Booked the trip on Palace on Wheels through Travelogy in July 2017 for a journey in April 2018, paying the deposit as required. Travelogy were very professional and prompt in all email exchanges. To my surprise, in Jan 2018 we received an email from Travelogy informing me that my booking had been released by the train company because it was being chartered!. Then things were not quite so good. Whilst Travelogy looked at other options for us, it was soon clear that alternatives would not work. It then took over 2 months to get the deposit refunded, including referring the issue to the Indian Tourism Board and the credit card company through which the deposit was paid. So be prepared. Palace on Wheels may 'release' your booking, and Travelogy may take time in making a refund of the deposit (less all the losses of exchange transfers etc) if the same thing happens to you.

Visited : Mar 2018

Efail_Isaf Pontypridd, United Kingdom
Amazing Experience with Palace on Wheels

We were recommended by friends who had been last year & had no problems, transfers, extra night hotel etc. The train is your traveling hotel, covering 000's miles & more sights than would be possible any other way in 8 days !! Red carpet & fast track entries all the way. Food all good & fresh - "no frozen". Travology answered all prior queries /concerns comprehensively, as it was our 1st India experience.

Visited : Mar 2018

Jimaggi Javea, Spain
Palace on Wheels, booked with Travelology

We booked a one week luxury train tour through Rajasthan called the Palace on Wheels. We were referred to Travelology by the Palace on Wheels website referral. We knew nothing about them, and were nervous, given that we had to wire a large amount of money to book our seats. Everything worked perfectly. Our tour agent, Amit Saxena, was experienced, calm and reassuring. He arranged for a guided tour of Delhi prior to our departure, met us at the station to make sure everything was taken care of, and arranged a pick up to the airport at the end of the tour. Amazing service. Would recommend this travel agency.

Visited : Mar 2018

Barbar Meier Middletown, Connecticut
India train journey Maharaja Express with Travelogy

We had a fantastic holiday in India. The trip was organized perfectly. The food on board was excellent. Treated like VIP everyday. Excellent service overall. Well done all.

Visited : Mar 2018

Dahlia M UK
India train journey Maharaja Express with Travelogy

We had a fantastic holiday in India. The trip was organized perfectly. The food on board was excellent. Treated like VIP everyday. Excellent service overall. Well done all.

Visited : Mar 2018

Dahlia M UK
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