What to wear to visit in Agra

Planning a visit to the city like Agra is full of excitement. Agra is one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations.It is also a major commercial and industrial hub especially for leather products and handloom carpets. River Yamuna and Agra canal are the main water sources for the city. Agra is known for the Taj Mahal which was built in the 17th century and designated as a World Heritage site in 1983 by UNESCO.

Agra attracts nearly 7 to 8 million domestic travelers and around 0.8 million international tourists annually. Agra is surrounded by level plain land, with few hilly areas in its extreme southwest. It gets little rain throughout the year. August to October is the monsoon season which records average 755 mm of rainfall annually.

Agra City is comparatively a hot city with an average temperature of 25.6 degree celsius. And City reaches its highest temperature of around 48 degree celsius in the month of May and June. Tourists prefer to visit Agra in the cooler months of October, November, and February.

When it comes to travel to Agra whether it is for an official visit or whether you are on holiday, one should always prefer to be light and well dressed.If you do not pick the right clothing, accessories, and footwear as per weather conditions, social environments and the travel purpose, you may feel uncomfortable all the way. Hence to make your visit enjoyable and hustle free do some research and decide on your items of clothing, accessories, and footwears first. Below are some tips to choose your items of clothing, accessories, and footwear during your visit to Agra.

Clothing tips according to Weather in Agra

During Summer

The weather becomes very dusty and sandy during the summer. The UV rays are at its high and dust and sandy wind may damage your skin, so it is highly recommended to apply Sunscreen lotion of minimum 30 SPF while traveling in the summer season. Select thin but smooth fabrics like suti and or Cotton made wearable. It is recommended that women should carry a scarf to cover shoulders, head, etc. to protect from dust and in the scorching heat. For holidays and to visit the Taj Mahal colorful casuals and a bit thin items of clothing are preferred.

Agra is City of Tradition and Indian Ethnic wears are most famous. Kurta and Payajama, Panjabi Dress, chudidar ethnic top and jeans are great options for women and Simple shirt or T-Shirt with Pant or trousers ot Men’s Kurta and pajama are options available for Men in casual wear.

During Winters

Wear warm accessories like Sweaters, Jackets, woolen scarves, etc. during winter. Always prefer thick cotton wears over synthetic materials. Select clothing that will keep you warm. For women, punjabi cotton dresses, or even cotton sarees are good options. Men can wear jeans and T-shirts with thick fabric. It will help you to keep warm you may use Jackets and sweaters over it as needed.

Also, use shoes over sandals. Shoes will keep your feet warm. Always keep Moisturiser handy when you travel to Agra in the winter season. The dry and cold air may affect your skin, especially lips. A lip balm and moisturizers will help you to recover.

During Rainy season

Carrying an extra set of clothes is a good idea in the rainy season. Wearing waterproof clothes like jeans which help to slide water is another way out to keep you dry in lite rain. But during normal to heavy rain always carry raincoats. Waterproof footwear is must as they tend to get wet. Do avoid white and light shades as it may get mud stains which are difficult to clean thereafter. You can also carry Umbrellas to keep your self dry during rain.

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Things to consider during Vist to Agra

1. Purpose of the Visit

It is important to choose your attire matching to the purpose of your visit to the colorful city Agra. Agra carries a heritage, it has gain importance not only in mythological front but also it plays an important role in countries commercial aspects. If you are going to visit Agra for your official work simple formal wear will be preferred. Formal black or brown color shoes for men and sandals for women is the right choice for professional visits.

2. Weather Condition

Travel to Tropical climates needs special precautions. Weather conditions in Agra vary around the year. October to February temperature drops up to -1.0 degree celsius at night and around 7 to 8 degree Celsius in the day time. This temperature rises from March till July it reaches up to 45 degree celsius. In extreme weather conditions selecting wearable is the most important thing during your travel for any purpose. You cannot wear thick or woolen clothes when the temperature is as high as 45 degree celsius. So before you visit Agra make sure what the average temperature is for that month and select the clothing which will suit you in that weather.

3. Visit to the Religious places in Agra

In Agra, you will find many Spiritual places to visit. People visiting temples usually take off footwear. So it is advisable while visiting temples to wear sandals that can be removed easily.


Agra is the city of varieties. While visiting different places in Agra you may have to walk for distance. Scorching heat or rain may spoil the moment. To enjoy your visit to Agra, winter is the best season. But if you choose your clothes, accessories and footwear wisely you still can make your trip memorable. The choice not only depends on the weather conditions but individual liking also matters. Indian ethnic wears attract International tourists.

Comfort should be the first priority for each individual. You must feel easy and comfortable to carry your attire. Casual looks with vibrant colors are favorite to many Indian residents. While International Tourists prefer to wear sober shades. Visiting temples is a religious choice, many Indian women prefer to wear Saree or Simple Punjabi suit in temples. Wearable should enhance your personality and also make your visit enjoyable.