Neil Island - Sea, Sun & Smile

If you want to have calming vacation away from the crowd and hustle bustle in Andamans, then Neil Islands stands as a perfect destination. Many islands and spectacular tourist spots are present near Port Blair, but nothing can stand in front of Neil Islands when it comes to visiting some serene piece of land. Unspoiled coral reefs, unique biodiversity, white sandy beaches, and tropical woodlands everywhere, this is the ideal description of this place. Visitors coming to Andaman and Nicobar Islands definitely try including this in their travel itinerary. It is slightly different from the neighboring Havelock Islands. Situated 36 kilometers northeast of Port Blair, this island is a small one but surely has a different kind of beauty in it.

Because of its tiny area, people prefer staying here for considerable days. It is perfectly suited for those who want to indulge themselves in exploring nature, taking up a few water sports, touring around in the village, etc. There might not be the availability of proper facilities in Neil island, but it is a paradise for travelers who want to get away from the chaotic life.

How to Reach:

It is around 37 kilometers away from Port Blair for which you can book a government ferry service. It is available from Port Blair's Phoenix Bay Jetty to Neil Islands every day. You can reach the destination in around two hours based on the condition of the seawater. Also, you can look out for some private boat services which can help you reach the place.

When should one Visit this Place

There is no summer or winter season here in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Only humid weather prevails at times. So you have to be careful about the humidity. The best time to come to Neil Islands is October to February. At this time, you can enjoy in the clear water, lush green environment and less humid weather.

Where to stay in Neil Island


The island has it all beginning from the beach huts that suit the requirements of the people finding affordable stay options to the luxury resorts which provide premium service to the visitors. The cheap hotels at Bharatpur and Sitapur Beach have the cost ranging from 500 rs. to 800 rs. If you want to go for mid-range hotels with AC then you will be charged from 1500 rs. to 3000 rs. Lastly, the luxury resorts can be booked at the cost of 5000 rs. and above.


Where to eat food in Neil Island

Dugong restaurant in Seashell and Organic Khaa in Summer Sand are some of the best restaurants where one can order local cuisines. Neil is known as vegetable bowl of Andamans for the fact that people here are involved in agriculture field. Also, fishermen can be found in the island, the reason why seafood is of excellent quality here. At Neil Kendra, one can get fish thali at affordable price of 100 rs. only. Most of the eateries cook Indian and Chinese dishes. Along with this, you can go for Israeli, French and Italian food.


Which places to go when you come here:

 Howrah Bridge

The Howrah Bridge of Neil Island is popularly known for the incredible views it offers to the travellers. It is formed out of pair of living natural corals. You can just come and get some beautiful shots clicked there. Spending time at this bridge will not make you go disappointed. Instead you will just get involved with the spectacular beauty around and do not forget to look at the bridge at sunset time.

 Natural Bridge

The perfect time to visit natural bridge is at sunset. Here you can observe the different colours changing at the horizon at the time of sunset.

 Sitapur Beach

The quiet atmosphere at Sitapur Bridge is something which one cannot afford to miss. Lot of amenities cannot be found here. But you can purchase some fresh coconuts. It is famously known as sunrise beach for the reason that sunrise when observed from here looks uniquely wonderful. Swimming can be tried in this beach if anyone wants to go for it.

 Bharatpur Beach

If any tourist comes to Neil Island, then Bharatpur Beach is definitely included in their list of places to visit. The fresh green surroundings along with sandy beach is something which will provide you some relaxing experience.

 Kalapathar Beach

Peope visiting Neil Islands usually go to the nearby parts of Havelock Islands. White silky sand and the black stones at the shoreline present some picturesque views which will leave you in awe.

 Ram Nagar Beach

Finding its location near the Ramnagar village on the island, Beach number 3 is therefore known as Ram Nagar Beach. You can opt for snorkeling here but do not try swimming because sharp corals can be found in the water which makes it difficult for swimmers. The clear blue water gives some wonderful experience to the travellers and enthusiasts who come to spend time at this beach.

 Vijay Nagar Beach

This beach at Havelock Islands not only offers splendid beauty of nature to the visitors but also regarded to be perfect for water sports. You should definitely consider the recommendation of coming to this place while preparing your travel itinerary. The calm beach water and vast white sand all around will make you explore this place.

 Laxmanpur Beach

Long walks and playing some sports at the sands of this beach are some of the activities which you can enjoy at Laxmanpur Beach. The waterfront is just splendid to look at. The kids will get sea shells here to play with. You will get opportunities to click pictures with the beautiful landscape present here.

 Long Island

If you find Neil Islands to be an interesting destination, then you should surely come to Long Islands of Andaman which is an unexplored place. The village here leads to adding up to the beauty of the island. The tourists can easily get options for staying and eating when they arrive here.

 Neil Kendra

The village market known as Neil Kendra is the place where you can find shops and eateries. The strategic location of this market makes it ideal for the visitors to enjoy the view of the beautiful beaches in the island. But do not expect to get everything you see in the markets generally.


This place Neil Islands is definitely something which should be added to your list when coming to Andaman and Nicobar Island. The tourists visiting it will not get an opportunity to get disappointed. The beauty of nature will make you have some splendid experience. So just do not forget to have unforgettable moments right here at Neil Islands when you come to Andaman.

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