Andhra Pradesh Culture Tour Information

Andhra Pradesh is known for its cultural heritage in the fields of Art, Architecture, Literature, Cuisine, fabrics and jewelry studded with pearls and diamonds.

The third phase of Hyderabadi architecture emerged later as a fusion of local artistry with the rich Persian architectural style. Hyderabad is tourist destination to visit Charminar, Palace, Fort and Museum of Nizam of Hyderabad.

Telgu, the local language, the ancient language of India called "The Italian of the East", is richest India language with literature covering every field.

Traditional Cuisine of Andhra Pradesh are nutritious and the most palatable but spicy. Persian cooking forms the modern Hyderabadi Biriyani tradition.

Andhra Pradesh is famous for its cotton fabrics and dying traditions with colourful dyes extracted from plants. It is also known for diamond mining, pearl harvesting and jewelry making.

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