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Food & Dining in Bhutan

Fine Dining and Local Beer

Food in Bhutan basically means lots of red rice, buckwheat, spicy ema datshi, zow shungo and pork meat.

In addition to these locals feed on poultry, yak meat, dried vegetables, lentils, ferns spiced up with Sichuan pepper, turmeric, caraway, chilli, pepper, ginger, cardamom flowing in cheese!  And that means, any good restaurant you walk into would offer delicacies and recopies made out all these. So, be sure to order a cool drink on your meal.

In drinks do not forget to try Sweet Milk Tea also called Sura. In drinks one can try Chang (local beer) and arra (spirit distilled from rice, maize, wheat or barley) and doma (betel nut syrup).

It is not that Bhutan is all non – vegetarian country. One can easily find several Indian restaurants lined up which offer yummy Indian food recepies. Of course Momos and ezzay are local favorites. 
There have been incidents of travelers speaking of monotony of food in restaurants of Bhutan; but it’s simply that the local people love the Bhutanese food and their spices and do not wish to lose their culture. So, try the local taste and enjoy the scenic beauty.


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