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Shopping in Bhutan

What to shop for in Bhutan – the list is endless until you know what can be really bought and taken when you are here. There are so many things around that there are good chances you will get confused about what to take and what not to! Any statutory warning – well yes! DO NOT TAKE ANTIQUES as these are banned/illegal and you can be in soup if you try to!

Well yes for the casual buyer, things like warm minks, sweaters, coats, trinkets of coral, silver and gold ornaments, Thangka paintings and Bhutanese stamps (with 3D effects printed on silk and metal foils), Red Panda beer, apple juice, peach brandy, honey wine, Gouda or Emmental cheese, hand-woven clothes make some of the best things one can buy here.

Handicrafts like bamboo boxes, carpets, horse saddles, monastic trumpets, metal ewers are other things which one can buy.If you are really interested in buying only the antiques then look for stamped seals from national commission of cultural affairs (ncca). To check the authenticity of this stamp; it’s a good idea to take the advice of your tour operator.

Some of the most popular souvenir Dzi beads, colourful masks, hand woven bamboo items, Walt Disney characters Bhutanese stamp and German unification stamps. The list also includes Bhumthang honey, comfitures and jams which are best local made.

Best Shopping Markets

Norzim Lam Street and Bhutanese Crafts in Thimphu are the best known shopping markets of Bhutan. So, if you are looking for some of the best souvenirs take time out in your tour schedule to be here.

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