Top Things to do in Bhutan

India’s small neighbor, Bhutan is a place of pure bliss, covered with lush green mountains, beautiful waterfalls and flowing rivers and the smell of fresh air enveloping the peaceful atmosphere. You can trek up the sublime mountains, hike up to explore the numerous colourful villages or simply try and unwind while meditating inside the quiet monasteries. The massive dzongs take a full day of exploration to fully learn and grasp their architectural magnificence.

Your tour to the happiest country in the world will not be dulled as Bhutan offers colorful festivals, warm hospitality, beautiful greenery, blissful weather and majestic monasetries to keep travelers busy.

Here is a list of Top Things to do in Bhutan:

1. Bumthang Valley - Switzerland of East

One of the best things you can do in Bhutan is to take up on the Bumthang Cultural Trek. You get to explore much more than just the natural beauty of the coveted Bumthang valley. This is more of a cultural trek that offers panoramic picturesque views of beautiful monasteries and temples. The spot is surrounded by charming little villages, with warm and gracious folk. Travelers not only get a glimpse of the daily livelihood and culture of the beautiful villages but also get a unique experience of enjoying their humbled hospitality. This is something you will cherish for life. Until the 1970s, this area was a remote village only accessible by muddy trails and mules, but now there’s well built roads and trails that are very safe to trek along.

Other than the majestic Himalayan mountain range surrounding the small village and its breathtaking natural beauty, Bumthang valley is blessed with some of the oldest Buddhist temples in the country. Bumthang is the place of great cultural and religious significance for the natives of Bhutan as this is where Buddhism was first introduced. This is also the birthplace of their revered saint Pema Lingpa.

2. URA Valley - Place Out of the Pictures

The perfect spot for shutterbugs, Ura Valley is a beautiful place lost in the mist of time in Bumthang. You’ll be mesmerized with quaint villages having clusters of traditional houses, made in the Bhutanese style, set against a backdrop of green hills, sprawling potato fields, and charming sheep pastures. It’s a valley taken out of a child’s fairytale book and set in a blessed country for your eyes to feast one.

3. Trek to Taktsang Gompa - Tiger’s Nest

As cliché as it may sound, the trek to Taktsang monastery in Paro, popularly known as the Tiger’s Nest, is one of the best adventurous activities to indulge in Bhutan. The majestic monastery with one of the best locations in the world was destroyed by fire, and was rebuilt in 1998. Rising 9480 ft above the ground, in the most difficult of terrain, perched alongside the far end of a mountain cliff it dares trekkers to walk the rocky winding path. No matter what you do, don’t look down!

4. Hiking to Trashiyangtse

If you are a nature-o-phile then a visit to Trashiyangtse is a must-do for you. Born out of Trashigang district in 1992 as a separate district, this quaint little spot sits in the middle of a fresh green river valley making it the ideal place for long refreshing walks in the countryside, enjoying the mountain breeze. Yet another attraction and one of the must-do activities in Bhutan is to explore one of the most important stupas of Buddhism – the Chorten Kora, it is situated next to the Kulong Chu River in the Trashiyangtse district.

5. Bhutanese Delicacies

Thinking of Bhutan, we generally imagine a large menu of non-veg items served in small, hill-side, cozy cafes. While that is true to some extent as Bhutan fares great for lovers of non-veg cuisine. But there are plenty of options for vegetarian tourists as well. Like the infamous dish of Bhutan the Datshi – it is a staple for the people of the country. Datshi is found in various forms, all around the country but the most famous among them is Ema Datshi. Ema means chilli; Ema Datshi is made using cheese, chillies, vegetables, and pepper.

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6. Bhutan Bird Sanctuary

The kingdom of Bhutan is heaven for bird lovers. Bird-watching is one of the most popular activities in Bhutan, whether you’re an expert or a newbie. The country hosts diverse range of species of birds, including Himalayan Monal, the very popular and endangered Black-necked Crane, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Ward’s Trogon, and Snow Pigeon.

There are many options for bird-watchers in terms of the sanctuaries to go on a bird-watching tour. Tour guides are available, who help you through the sanctuaries and offers guided tours to witness the beauty of our winged friends. You can take a tour of Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park, Jigme Dorji National Park, Thrumshingla National Parks and Adjoining India’s World Heritage, which are some of the protected areas in Bhutan where endangered migratory birds find their place of rest.

7. Shopping

Norzin Lam the city’s major thoroughfare is lined with hotels, cafes, stalls, and shops. It is the best place to shop in Bhutan. One can get everything from colorful embroidered boots to handmade paper and handicrafts. Some of the best things to bag in Bhutan are carpets, colorful masks and jewellery, hand-woven bamboo artefacts, silver items, and hand-made wood products. The market also offers a great opportunity to photographers to capture the colourful moments of the lively market full of tourists, colorful shops, set gainst green hills.

8. Try the National Sport – Archery

Adorn yourself in traditional Bhutanese clothes and take part in the national sport of Bhutan – archery. Gathering of men joyfully indulging in the sport can be found all around the country and they are always happy to welcome a few keen students in good spirits.

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