15 Unforgettable Places To Visit In Mysore

Mysore is one of the cleanest cities in the country. It is also the cultural center of the state. Such a city having amazing tourism spots is not an unbelievable fact. Are you planning to visit Mysore in near future? The best time to visit is from October to March. This is the winter season of the state. The climate makes it more pleasing to visit and enjoy.

Although, the city is at its prime beauty throughout the year. Here are the top 15 Places to visit in Mysore.

1. Mysore Palace

This is also called as the Mysore Maharaja Palace. It is a large palace located in the center of the city. It is a very famous tourist spot in Mysore, Karnataka. The architecture is a mix of Rajput, Hindi, Gothic and Islam style. People visit this attract for its artisanship, architecture, design and ancient upholstery. If you are visiting during Dussehra, the place will be at its prime beauty.

Mysore Palace

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2. Brindavan Gardens

If you ask anyone who has visited Mysore, they would have obviously visited Mysore Palace and Brindavan Gardens. It is a very beautiful and mesmerizing park. This park has been a background for many cine songs and scenes. Tourists visit this place for relaxing and romantic strolling. If you visit during evening, you can witness musical foundation show. It is a beautiful place located near Krishna Raja Sagara dam.

Brindavan Garden, Mysore Karnataka

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3. Chamundi Hills

This small hill is famous for 11Th century temple. It is another renowned tourist spot here. It is very famous for a tall statue, which is built with one large rock. The temple is more famous for the mesmerizing natural beauty surrounding the temple. One need to climb 1000 stairs to reach the temple. However, the beauty of the place makes the tiring journey worthy.

Chamundi Hills, Mysore

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4. Karanji Lake

If you are visiting Chamundi Hill, you ought to visit Karanji Lake. This lake is located on the foot of the hills. It is a man-made lake and one of the largest in the state. A king built it for recreational purposes. Today, it is an important bird-watching spot for starters. There are around 90 different species of birds located in this region. There is a small park surrounding the lake, which is a best spot for picnic. This is the largest bird sanctuary with a park in the country.

Karanji Lake, Mysore

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5. Lalitha Mahal

Very close to Chamundi Hills, you can find the second largest palace of Mysore. It is called as Lalitha Mahal. It is built with the inspiration of St. Paul’s Cathedral of London. We can experience different architectural style in the palace. This place is an important sightseeing spot in Mysore. If you love photography, this place is a mesmerizing heaven for you.

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6. Mysore Zoo

Very close to Karanji Lake, you can find a large zoo. It is called as Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden. It is very common among locals as Mysore Zoo. You can find numerous local and foreign animals here. If you are visiting with your child, you ought to visit this park. The zoo covers 157 acres of land and you might have a walk a lot while in the park.

Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden, Mysore

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7. Krishna Raja Sagar Dam

Although the spot does not have many tourism features, this dam is attracting numerous tourists for two main reason. The dam region is a very beautiful spot suits nature lovers and photographers. It would be a very refreshing experience to visit the dam.The second reason is the Brindavan Gardens, which is located very close to the dam.

Krishna Raja Sagar Dam

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8. St. Philomena Church

This 200-year-old church attracts a lot of tourists very year. This church is also called as St. Joseph’s Church. It is a Gothic styled church, which is one of the largest Cathedrals in the country. St. Philomena is a Greek saint of 3rd century. The church gets its name from a small cellar where the saint’s bones are stored. Her clothes are also found here. You can also find a large statue of the saint in a reclining posture in the cellar. Apart from these who visit due to faith, many people visit the church to enjoy the architecture and explore the church.

St. Philomena Church

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9. Railway Museum

This is a museum for children and those who are excited about trains. This museum is located close to the Mysore railway station. The museum displays many ancient and unique locomotives, which are still in working conditions. This museum is a treat for children.

Railway Museum, Mysore

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10. Somnathpur

This ancient town is located a little away from the center of the city. This town is famous for ancient architecture and greenery. The most iconic feature of this town is Keshava temple. This temple’s magnificent architecture is an amazing sight. You can also find interesting wildlife around the temple. It is a great spot for explorers, photographers and architecture lovers.

Keshava Temple, Somanathapura Mysore

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11. Srirangapatna

This site is located a little away from Mysore. It is very close to Kaveri River and an important heritage filled site. It is famous for 9th century temple built in Hoysala and Vijayanagar style. You can also visit toy factories in Srirangapatna and buy souvenirs for little ones here. Those who visit this town usually take a small trip to Ranganathittu, a famous hub for bird watching. It has more than 170 species of birds.

Ranganathittu, Mysore

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12. Shivanasamudra Falls

This waterfall is the most exciting one of the country. The water plummet 90m creating a wonderful scenic spot. This is an island town, which is very famous among local and foreign visitors. Although it is a little away from the city, you can always find tourists here.

Shivanasamudra Falls, Mysore

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13. Jaganmohan Palace

This palace has interesting architectural features. Yet, this is not the reason to why the palace is famous among tourists. The palace’s art gallery is the iconic feature here.

Jaganmohan Palace, Mysore

You can find many interesting and unique painting here. The original oil painting of Raja Ravi Varma is also located here. You can find many artifacts and a small collection of ancient clocks is found here.

Oil Painting by Raja Ravi Varma

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14. Melody World Wax Museum

As the name suggests, it is a wax museum with numerous life-size wax models, musical instruments and others collected in 19 different galleries. There are many interesting statues inside the museum like the statue of ruler of Mysore, musicians and others. It is a good spot for sightseeing.

Melody World Wax Museum, Mysore

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15. Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple

This is Tibetan styled Buddhist temple located near Mysore. It is a monastery, which is famous for a large Buddha statue. It is filled with many interesting cultural elements like prayer flag, signboard in Tibetan script and others. People visit here to explore, enjoy and meditate.

Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple, Mysore

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Apart from these 15 places, there are many interesting spots in Mysore. If you are visiting during peak season, make sure to pre-book all amenities including tickets to avoid last minute congestion.

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