World Tourism Day 2018 – Everything You Need To Know

September 27 is observed as the World Tourism Day, worldwide and it is celebrated every year. Since 1980, the World Tourism Organization under UNO who has been responsible for promoting and sustaining tourism throughout the world; conducts this celebration every year. The World Tourism Organization promotes environmental sustainability, economic growth, inclusive development and so on. It also deals with tourism policies throughout the world.

Theme Of This Year

This day is dedicated to create absolute awareness about tourism and how it affects the economic, political, social and cultural values of any destination. Every year, the celebration focuses on a specific element or theme, related to tourism. For 2018, it is the ‘Tourism and the Digital Transformation’. This stands to focus on the advancement of tourism with regards to digital media communication. It also focuses on innovation, growth strategies and sustainability. Like, India trying to add 17 coastal tourism circuits. (Source)

Word Tourism Day

Importance Of Word Tourism Day

Tourism is gaining more popularity since the past decade. This includes India too (Source). Thanks to development in relatable fields, tourism has become more accessible and fast growing. The World Tourism Organization is expecting tourism to grow 3% every year, until 2030. From time to time, different destinations have fallen down into crisis in terms of natural calamities, political instability and so on.

However, the tourism has remained unaffected in most cases. This day marks the end of peak tourism season of northern hemisphere and the beginning of tourism season in the southern hemisphere. On this day, the semi-finalists of UNWTO tourism startup competimi-finalists of UNWTO tourism startup competition will be announction will be announced. The main idea is to appreciate innovation and development in tourism.

Venue in 2018

In 2018, the celebration is conducted in Budapest of Hungary. Budapest is currently gaining a peak of tourist footprint, thanks to the constant development in digital technology.


Travelogy India’s Contribution for World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is all about increasing awareness about travel and to encourage people to take up more tours around the world. Practically, the main hurdle of any tour or vacation is money. On account of World Tourism Day, Travelogy India is providing an exclusive content covering top tips to cover in India, in a shoestring budget.

Spend Time In Research

Research is very essential here. Before you choose a destination to travel, make sure to learn about it. Learn about the accessibility, best time to visit, local language, types of accommodations, types of activities and so on. Your research is your key to a cost-effective vacation. There are numerous blogs about each destination in the internet. For instance, if you are visiting South India, take time to read the Complete Guide About South India so that you will get to know the secluded tourism gems of southern India to create an exclusive package of moderate budget, type of souvenirs to buy and so on.

Right Tour Package

Find The Right Budget

Plan your budget in prior to choosing a destination. Do not just give a specific number and start your planning. You need to finalize the amount of money you are ready to spend per day. Categorize it on each genre of spending like transportation, accommodation, food and activities. Now, compare this with the research you have made and it will help you identify whether you can scale the destination you have in mind, with the budget in hand. If you have a very tight budget, stick with short tour. Travelogy India caters to all needs of the travelers. If you are looking for short trips, top recommended packages are

  1. 5 days – Mumbai with Goa tour
  2. 3 days – Munnar Tour Package
  3. One day – Delhi private tour
  4. One day – Goa beach tour

For more such short tour packages : Click Here

Choose The Right Season

Do you know the beauty of a tropical region like India? Most of the attractions will be at prime beauty throughout the year. Thus, if you are choosing to visit a destination, it is better to plan during off-season. You can find better deals in accommodation and travel, which would reduce your budget requirement considerably.

Stick With The Locals

Do not try to isolate yourself in a luxury cocoon. It would only cost a huge sum. In addition, you will not get to enjoy the culture of the land. Ditch the private cab services. Take up local transportation to explore the region. Dine in simple restaurants and food vendors to taste the real cuisine of the land. Choose homestay option or simple accommodation, backpack through rural areas and you will find yourself living as an Indian. Are you looking for the right package to get closer with locals? Here are the top suggestions

  1. 10 days – South India cultural tour
  2. 11 days – Central India
Meeting with Locals and Homestay in India by Travelogy India

Meeting with Locals and Homestay in India


Rule number one: do not shop in the malls. Malls are just for luxury sightseeing. If you are looking for souvenir hunting, you ought to stick with the traditional markets. When you are planning to buy a souvenir, research about it. Do not end up buying from the first shop, you lay your eyes on it. Get to know about the prices from a few vendors, haggle as much as possible.

If available, try to bring a local friend to haggle for you. This haggling is not just for souvenir shopping. It would be helpful for rickshaw rides and autos too. Well, now you have Uber for it. Remember, you ought to research about your destination. If you are visiting a state, learn about the souvenirs worth buying in the destination and the right places to buy it. To get started, try reading our exclusive blog by Alina Jack, : Best Shopping Destinations in India with Specialties

Join With Others

Have you heard of economies of scale? In simple terms, the overall cost of travel and vacation per head while travelling as a family will be far higher than per head cost while travelling in a small group. While you get to maintain a decent budget, you get to make better friends too. While you are enjoying in a group, you need not worry about safety too. It is best for those who are visiting India alone and even for solo female travelers.

Are you still not convinced? Read our insider blog : Benefits of Travelling in a Group Tour.

Still, do you prefer travelling alone? Read this to learn about the best places to travel alone in India.

Group Tour by Travelogy India

Do Not Stick With The Icons

Yes, Agra is great and nothing can beat Andaman and Nicobar Island. If you are looking to save a little, it is better to choose hidden gems. Daman and Diu can give a similar beach experience just like Andaman and Nicobar Islands. If you wish to enjoy architecture, visit temple towns of the country. On one hand, you would be enjoying a unique vacation and on the other, your wallet will remain heavy. Top hidden gem tour packages of Travelogy India are

  1. 11 days – Khajuraho and Tiger Tour
  2. 14 days – South India Ayurveda Tour
  3. 10 days – Heritage with Taj Mahal Tour

Are you worried about where to start, when it comes to travelling to India? This is where Travelogy India is up to help. Visit First Timer Tour in India to find some customized tour packages right for you.

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