Air India Launches World Record Breaking Longest Flight

Air India recently shifted the route of Delhi to San Francisco flight. Previously, this route includes a westward route over the Atlantic. Now, the route covers eastward direction over the Pacific Ocean. This new route covers 15,100 km making this, the world’s longest flight route in terms of distance. air-india-delhi-to-san-francisco-longest-flightThough it is the longest route ever, this new route is saving time and fuel for Air India. Even with the extra distance, the flight takes two hours lesser to reach its destination than before. Moreover, tons of fuel are saved during each trip. How is that scientifically possible? Also Read : Air India Introduce Direct Flights India to Madrid, Spain The earth rotates west to east. The wind also flows in the same direction. In accordance to the wind direction, flying towards west would indicate flying against strong headwind which would increase the fuel consumption and also the time taken. On the other hand, flying towards east would make wind work in favour for the flight speed and fuel consumption. While taken the Atlantic route, the flight would face a headwind of 24 kph speed. This means, if the flight is flying at 800 kph, the flight would actually be covering only 776 kph. On the other hand, in the Pacific route, the speed of the wind is 138 kph which gives the aircraft a boost to 938 kph with fuel spent for just 800 kph. Also Read : Direct Flight between Brussels and Mumbai From 2017  The flight takes off from Delhi at 4 AM. It lands at San Francisco at 6:30 AM on the same day; thanks to the time gap. According to the flight commander Captain Rajneesh Sharma, this route will be used for at least the next six months by Air India. New crew has been appointed for this route which includes Captain Gautam Verma, Captain SM Palekar, Captain MA Khan and others. This record breaking flight is introduced on the 84th anniversary of Air India, October 15th. The Dubai to Auckland service by Emirates had been the longest route in the past covering 14,203 km. Singapore Airlines created 15345 km route by connecting Singapore with New York but, failed to sustain the route for long. The service was terminated in 2013. It is said that this service will commence back in 2018. Also Read : Air Canada Now Connects Mumbai With Toronto Directly