Amazing Indian Tourism Facts on Account of National Tourism Day

January 25th of every year is recognized as the national tourism day. Not many knew about this day. For starters, this is the day marked by the government of India to create awareness among people about tourism of the country.
On the light of national tourism day, here are some astonishing but, true facts about Indian tourism.

1. Billion Dollar Industry

India’s main source of income might not be tourism but, it provides $124.8 billion dollars of GDP for the country; as per 2015. This accounts of almost 6% of the total GDP of the country.

2. 11th in the World

India is placed at eleventh in the world’s list of tourism destinations which is developing faster. In 2014, India is the fastest developing destination, with regards to tourism. The contribution to GDP from tourism department is expected to increase 6.4% per year till 2024.

3. Millions of Jobs

Tourism is providing 40 million jobs for its citizens. Till 2023, the department is expected to grow at a rate of 7.9% per year. Upon achieving this projected value, India will be the third fastest growing destination in the next decade.

4. Employees in Tourism Department

Tourism department has provided more than 23.5 million jobs in 2015. Roughly 7.7% of working Indians work in tourism department.

5. Largest Gathering in the World

The Guinness record for largest mass gathering in the world was broken in 2011 in India during Kumbh Mela. More than 75 million pilgrims were gathered making the mass gathering visible from space. This festival is an auspicious Hindu celebration that happens once in 12 years.

6. Tourist’s Countries

Majority of the tourists visiting India are from USA. It is followed by United Kingdom. According to a scientific calculation, by 2020, more than 1.41 million people in India would travel from India to other tourist destinations.

7. Arrival of tourists

In October 2016, there were 7,54,000 tourist arrivals and it rose to 8,91,000 in November 2016. On an average, the tourist arrival incidence is 4,36,846.43 since 2000 till 2016. The record highest was in December 2015 which accounts to 9,13,000 and the lowest was 1,29,286 which was recorded in May 2001.

Hope you learnt a lot about Indian tourism. If you want to find out more, you are welcome to visit this exotic tropical paradise. The tourism season starts in November and ends by the end of February.

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