Fight To Cure Aids: 1st December, World Aids Day

1st December is observed as World Aids Day. About 30 years back on this day, the first case of HIV was diagnosed. As per the reports, around 47 per cent out of 35.3 million HIV positive people are females. People have joined hands to control this deadly disease. It can be acknowledged by the red ribbon.


It was in the year 1991 that a group of 12 girls created the symbol of Red Ribbon with the purpose to spread awareness among people about this epidemic. The ribbon witnesses every contribution irrespective of its size (big or small), gender, age, color, caste or creed.

Countries all across the world celebrates World Aids Day on first December, every year while increasing awareness how HIV virus causes AIDS. Discussions, talk sessions or speeches are arranged by the NGOs, Government organizations and civilians for the well being of mankind. Numerous health organizations in cooperation with World Health Organization campaigns such events.

Being a traveler, one should always try to maintain safety and should keep precautions ready. Our collective efforts can change the world and we will definitely change it!

“Go red in support of world aids day and save lives!” Let’s put our efforts to get an Aids free generation.

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