First Time: 40 Tourists Travelling on Palace on Wheels by Travelogy India on 17 Oct 2018

You will be familiar with the fact that Travelogy India is a certified GSA of Palace on Wheels. Thus, tourists from around the world rely on Travelogy India to safely book tickets, learn about offers and so on. On Oct 17th 2018, 40 passengers are taking the iconic itinerary of Palace on Wheels train, via Travelogy India.

Travelogy India believes it to be a monumental success in its career. This shows that the tourists recognize our service and believe in us. We are looking forward to create similar opportunities for tourists from around the world, for luxury train travel.

As one of the top travel agency for premier itineraries, we contribute this success to our workforce, who did everything to their best to influence this advanced success. In addition, we thank our customers and fellow travelers to advocate the interest of travel and luxury trains to everyone around them.

Our Guests of Palace on Wheels Train
Our Guests of Palace on Wheels Train

October is the Prime Time for Palace on Wheels

Do you want to know the main reason for this success? The beauty of the land during October. October is the beginning of winter season. Thus, throughout India, the climate will be pleasingly excellent. In a diverse land like India, such a uniformity is quite rare. One such month of uniformity is October. Here are the other reasons to why October is the prime month for Palace on Wheels.

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October gives a pleasingly cool environment throughout India. All the activities will be at prime beauty and water bodies will be lush with water. This is the right time to enjoy sightseeing and other land activities. Every land form starting from desert to beach will be at prime beauty making Palace on Wheels itinerary more pleasing than ever.

Winter as a whole is the prime time for enjoying Palace on Wheels. To know more about the schedule and departure date for the upcoming year.

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Oct 17th of 2018 marks the prime celebration of Dusshera of Durga Pooja. You can enjoy many cultural activities in Rajasthan on account of this celebration. You can take part in many cultural performances and other shows, which might not be available during other months.


The Dusshera celebrations introduces not just culture to the land, but also cuisine. You can taste many unique delicacies, which can be tasted only during this festival. Thus, Palace on Wheels menu would be unique during this time.


For Indian travelers, this is the academic vacation in most of the schools. Thus, planning a family vacation is quite easier during this festival time.

New Experience

For those who have enjoyed Palace on Wheels in the past also showed interest in booking during this tourism season. This is because of the fact that the luxury train has got a new makeover for this season and the loyal customers are more interested in enjoying the new features like vacuum toilets, refurbishment and others.

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Do you want more reasons to choose luxury trains for Indian vacation?

Do not blindly book the tickets from any random agent. Choose official sales agents like Travelogy India. Are you booking Palace on Wheels for the very first time?

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