Good News, Ladies! Mumbai To Get Pink Autos Driven By Ladies

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. This is the city of dreams and you can always find the place at its peak of beauty all throughout the year. Early summer is the time for those who love wildlife activities. Are you planning to visit Mumbai in this summer? Mumbai has an international airport. Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport is busy airport that connects a lot of flights from various parts of the world. Once you are inside the city, you need a reliable and cost effective transportation service to move around the city. Surfing Mumbai in auto is a different experience than passing through in a cab. Are you travelling alone? When you are a single female travelling to any new country, there would a lot of tips and advices for safety. Starting from where to go to whom to talk, there would be a lot of confusion. With recent happenings, India has been a question for single female travellers. But, it is not the case anymore. Women need not worry about safety anymore.


Government of India has initiated a program called Pink. About 500 auto rickshaws are driven by women and they give first importance to women passengers. How to identify those autos? They would be painted in pink or in very light orange. The city already has women driven cabs and now, these pink autos are a cost effective way to move around the city. Still 1300 and more permits for women drivers are pending and you can find more pink autos in the city.
You can hire a pink auto from the airport which is about 30 km away from the heart of city. You would have learnt about certain mishaps in major cities for women who are travelling alone. Are you visiting India for the first time? Are you travelling alone? You need not worry about your safety because you have Pink now. No more staring male drivers and no more fear of what might happen.

These initiatives prove that India is becomes more secured for single women travellers year after year. A lot of tourists visit Mumbai every year for its various attractions like Gateway of India, beach, Marine Drive, Elephanta caves, Sanjay Gandhi Park, Elephanta Park, Babulnath, Esselworld and many others. If you are lucky, you can talk to Pink driver and arrange them for your whole stay in the city. You can hire them at any point of time and thus, it would clearly be a reliable transportation facility.

Travelling from one part to another in Mumbai can be entertaining when you are in auto rickshaw than in an enclosed car. If you really want to enjoy and feel India, you ought to take up the trains and auto rickshaws in Mumbai.
The best time to visit this city is during early winter to beginning of summer. Once summer takes control, the temperature and humidity of this place becomes unbearable for many foreigners. October to January marks the time for tourists in this city. Prebook your tickets and enjoy India with Pink auto rickshaws.

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