Heavenly Walking & Driving Corridor in Delhi

Amazing umbrellas of giant-sized trees that runs along as you walk or drive makes Lodhi Road ever inviting. As the trees, erected with dignity, gracefully sways along both the sides of road, it becomes synonymous to a heavenly corridor.

With amazing natural lush green patterns, there are branches that expand and bifurcate making the place simply inevitable to visit especially for those on a lookout for some spectacular natural effects. Indeed, this nearly two-mile green stretch of Lodhi Road in the heart of capital renders the most pleasant walks or driving experience.

The journey begins from Safdarjang’s Tomb that came into existence in the final years of the Mughal Empire. By merely walking on this paved lane one could refresh and rejuvenate to the optimum.

Having some highly reputed institutions and office complexes, this lane is not devoid of traffic rush. However, even the nagging noise falls short of an intruder into the area’s tranquility.

As obvious, the moment one enters here life becomes smooth and steady. You could find men lying on benches and ice-cream vendors silently waiting for their prospective buyers. Away from daily hustle bustle, this Delhi places is unique as it absorbs the tensions and stress gracefully.

Apart from its scenic beauty, there is a scenic Lodhi Garden, visible as you walk along on the road. You also witness the age old Muhammad Shah Sayyid mausoleum, which is inside the park. On turning right you reach the Jor Bagh Market, which depicts peace and harmony. The famous Book Shop is just a minute away from the road.

Lodhi Gardens Delhi

Lodhi Gardens, Delhi

As you go along, you can always look out for bungalows of Gold Links on your left hand side. There is India Islamic Center on the same side along with India Habitat Center and the Tibet House on the right.

The red wall runs on the side of the road with a barbed wire enclosing the grounds of the Delhi Golf Club.

The beauty of this place lies in the fact that it homes the people without homes.Beggars and their families can be seen here. Then there is a Lodhi Hotel as well. Their shanties, engulfed in umbrella of trees, face Lodhi Hotel. The hotel shares its compound with the Centenary Methodist Church.

As you go along, you witness the famous Khan Market and a Metro Station in its name. Best time to walk or drive corridor on this beautiful lane is in the early mornings or late evenings.

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