How Much The Tariff Of Maharajas Express Train?

Maharajas’ Express is an Indian luxurious train that connects some destinations within the geographical boundaries of India. It is one of the most luxurious trains in India and the world. The Maharajas’ Express train is maintained and run by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). It covers 12 destinations in India from north-west to central India.

If you are looking for a hell of a vacation then you must try out the services provided by Maharajas’ Express. It would be one of the best experiences in your life ever. As it is one of the most elegant and advanced trains in this country the demand for tickets is sky-high.

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Cost of Maharajas’ Express Train Tickets

The cost of the ticket varies from time to time as per the demand and is not fixed. It is highest during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve. During this time an extra charge of USD 500 is charged per person.

Also during this time, many foreigners come to India to visit the destinations touched by the Maharajas’ Express. So it is expected that the demand for tickets during this time will remain high too.

If you are planning for a family vacation during this time of the year then you must be aware of this and should book tickets well in advance at least 4 to 5 months prior to the departure date of the journey.

Child Ticketing Policy

If you are traveling with your full family it is quite obvious that you might be having children in your family. It is for your betterment that you fully understand the rules and regulations for children’s accommodation in Maharajas’ Express so that it does not lead to any clash of interest or conflict later on.

  • Children below the age of 5 years are allowed to travel without tickets.
  • For children aged between 5-12 years require 50% of the adult fare subject to double bed sharing with 2 adults.
  • If you want a separate cabin for your child then the fare remains the same but i.e. 50% of the adult fare but supplementary charges would be extra.
  • For each child, the fare is 50 % of the adult fare and if an extra cabin is required the supplementary charges would be extra.
  • For children above 12 years of age full adult fare is required.

Check out below Maharajas Express Ticket Fare journey and cabin wise.

ItinerariesRoomingDeluxe CabinJunior SuiteSuitePresidential Suite
Indian Splendor
(6 N/7 D)
Single Supplement
USD 5,980 USD 4,510USD 9,460 USD 8,520USD 13,800 USD 13,800USD 23,700 USD 23,700
Heritage of India
(6 N/7 D)
Single Supplement
USD 6,340 USD 4,840USD 9,890 USD 8,930USD 13,800 USD 13,800USD 23,700 USD 23,700
Treasures of India
(3 N/4 D)
Single Supplement
USD 3,850 USD 2,910USD 4,950 USD 4,460USD 7,600 USD 7,600USD 12,900 USD 12,900
Indian Panorama
(6 N/7 D)
Single Supplement
USD 5,980 USD 4,510USD 9,460 USD 8,520USD 13,800 USD 13,800USD 23,700 USD 23,700

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Accommodations Provided On Maharajas’ Express

The cost of the prices can be effectively reduced based on the type of accommodations provided by Maharajas’ Express. It provides 4 types of accommodations.

The prices of your tickets would vary depending on the type of Maharajas’ Express cabin you select. The Deluxe cabin is the cheapest. After the Deluxe cabins, the slightly higher price is that of the Junior Suites followed by the Suite and the Presidential Suite. The Presidential Suite is the best cabin that you have on offer.

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If want to travel on one of the most luxurious trains in India and want to enjoy the best services select this cabin. As told earlier the prices would vary depending on the time of the year.

Apart from the type of cabin that you select you would get access to unlimited free Wi-Fi, attached bathroom, dining hall, bar, lounge, and souvenir shop. The costlier cabins even have roll-top baths and spacious sitting rooms.

Maharaja Express Tour Itineraries

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Inclusions and Exclusions in Tariff Packages

Apart from the price of the cabin your tariff also includes the following-

  • All meals including beverages like beer and wines.
  • Butler service and complimentary beverages and water.
  • Road excursions during the road trips.
  • Entrance fee at all the tourist sites mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Use of an English speaking guide.
  • Porter at the train station.

It does not include the following-

  • Any other tours were other than the ones mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Taxes.
  • Insurance costs.
  • Telephonic calls made to someone from the train provided in the cabin.
  • Laundry service.
  • International alcohol beverages.
  • Pre and post tour accommodation and transportation.

Check here Terms and Conditions of Maharajas’ Express Train.

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Documents Required For Foreign Passengers

If you belong from a foreign country and wish to travel to India for a vacation and are willing to visit the exotic and historical landmarks of India by Maharajas’ Express you can do so. Foreigners are equally welcome onboard the Maharajas’ Express. But if you are a foreigner you need to have valid documents without which you might be deported.

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You should have a valid visa along with your passport clearly mentioning your duration of stay in India. Tourist visas with a stipulation of 180 days or 90 days with multiple entry facilities in India should have a minimum gap of 2 months between the visits. For lesser gaps, you have to get yourself approved by the Head of the Mission.

Along with these documents you are required to carry your travel documents which would be separate for each passenger and which would be mailed to you at least 14 days prior to your journey.

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Currency Exchange Services Onboard The Train

If you are willing to exchange foreign currency on the train you have to get in touch with the Guest Relations Manager onboard the train for encashment. Any extra charge that has to be paid by you which is excluded from the tariff must be paid in Indian rupees only.

For your general information, it could be difficult to exchange foreign currency in remote locations. So it is advisable that you exchange your currency in any bank or government registered exchange counters while you stay in the city. If you are carrying more than USD 10,000 or above in cash you would have to declare the same at the time of entering India.

Maharaja Express is one of the most luxurious train rides available for foreign and Indian travelers and it is one experience that everyone should take.

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