India’s First Underwater Sea Museum in Pondicherry

Pondicherry or Puducherry is a small union territory infused with European culture and unique lifestyle. Pondicherry is quite common among local and international tourists for numerous reasons and here is a new feather to the hat. The union territory now holds India’s first and only underwater sea museum.

On the shorelines of Pondicherry, a large minesweeper is deployed to be sunk around 7km away from the coast of Pondicherry, in the seabed. This specific location has been chosen because; the seabed is smooth and sandy. In addition, the water is quite calm at that depth in at specific location. This vehicle, INS Cuddalore has served for more than 30 years by covering 30,000 nautical miles in its meter. Soon, it will set a history by being the country’s first undersea museum. To visit this museum, the tourists have to dive to the minesweeper, which makes it a new adventure activity for Pondicherry visitors. After the ship is sunk, the authorities mentioned that it will soon have barnacles and algae growing on it. This will attract numerous marine organisms like turtles, fishes and others to thrive in this region. It is said that the trained officials from India Navy are commissioned to sink this ship, in a professional manner.

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According to the officials, this initiative will increase the marine biodiversity wealth of the region and also helps the development of the fishing industry. Probir Banerjee, president of PondyCan spoke with the media that once the museum gets loaded with marine organisms, the site will be more beautiful at many levels and the tourists will prefer to witness this destination. Once the museum is ready for tourists, there are plans to create trails for tourists to explore the INS Cuddalore in a shipwreck condition for a unique experience.

INS Cuddalore was donated by Indian Navy for promotion of tourism in Pondicherry. In addition, this attraction will invite tourists to dive or snorkel to the museum. To add more safety features, a separate diver passage will be built for tourists to reach the museum.

Now, it is time to know about INS Cuddalore. After several decades of national service, this ship was decommissioned in 2018. This is a very massive vessel, which measures around 12 meters in width and 60 meters in length. For those who are planning to take boat rides around the ship, the authorities are planning to deploy water buoys for a three meter radius on the sea surface.

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