July Weather In India

India is surely the vast country and the climate of the same is also unpredictable. But there is a stringent pattern of the climate which you can experience when in India. Supposedly when you are traveling in October it will be a season with two climates that could be of winter arrives and rainfall going.

While in December it will be quite breezing and in some areas there can be also a snowfall. You can experience a hot summer in May season. In short, India has got three seasons that are followed year the round and if you are looking forward to planning your trip in July then probably, you shall be experiencing the heavy rainfall.

The hot climate in India is from February to May in the North Side while the heat starts gradually reducing from May end and then there is a rainfall season from June to October which can be quite heavy.

The Indian climate is quite intense. It keeps on changing be it from snow to heavy rainfall and even from dry heat to blistering cold. By the end of June the monsoon has covered almost every corner of the country so if you are planning to go on a trip to India in May or July then expect some heavy rainfall that you may be experienced sooner. There is surely regular rainfall which is heavy in most of the areas.

The temperature can also exceed more than 45 degrees Celsius. Sometimes, the monsoon starts with thunderstorms cloudbursts and even the storms that later become strong from South to North. The best time to visit India is probably from November to February when you can cover most of the areas. But to explore the northeast side like Kashmir or Himachal Pradesh, it is advised to visit from April to September And Rajasthan is the best time to explore during monsoon season or even the Himalayas Northwest side.

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Get Detailed Information About July Weather in India

July is the time when in India the weather condition is almost rainy. It can often lead to failed trips because of road blockages, heavy rainfall, and delayed flights and so on. But there are some of the chosen destinations that are worth to visit since they have a pleasant temperature between 23.0°C and 29.5°C with not so high rainfall.

It all depends on the right spot where you will be visit. Some may have heavy rainfall in July while in some corners it can be less rainfall. Bangalore is the destination to visit if you want to avoid rainfall of July season.

Of course, you need to be careful about the fact that different areas of the country have more gaps and that is why the rainy day’s number can vary. It is always important that you select the destination first only then you plan to pack your bags in July.

No doubt that the most challenging weather that India comes across is in July season. There is a lot of rain and even humidity and you might come across rainy seasons. The shining of the sun is quite rare and the chance of flowing and landslides is also high. Here is the status of rainfall that you may experience in July in India.

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Covering each Zone of India Temperature in July

1. Weather in North India in July

By the beginning of July, the monsoons first hit Rajasthan and then starts passing to Northern and central parts of the areas with full swing. Some of the popular North cities such as Agra, Delhi, and Jaipur usually face the heavy rainfall in July and August. Even if you may not see the sun shining but there is a fall in the temperature and the increase of the humidity.

Often, the travelers who prefer humid heat can plan to explore Rajasthan but frankly, it shall turn out to be the most exhausting experience. The eats monsoon winds start hitting the north side of India and then there is heavy rainfall throughout till September.

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2. Weather In Mountains Area in July

In the corners of Himalaya, you may have the most pleasant time to enjoy with your loved ones. But it is also true that the temperature can be moderate in July and precipitation shall below. But there can be extremely dangerous landslides that you can expect if you are planning to visit in July. So if trekking in the Himalayas is something running in your mind then probably you should avoid going in July.

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3. Weather In Central India in July

In Central India to the climate is no so pleasant. You may have to look around for some other date but not in July Seasons. The end of July rather is quite heavy rainfall. If you want to experience some of the spots before that then you can do so but for this make sure you book the tickets by the end of June or for the beginning of July.

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4. Weather in South India in July

Kerala is one incredible destination in the South India where rainfall is quite a lot in July season. But if you compare it to other months the pressure of rainfall certainly in July is high.

It can be an amazing time for you to go and do trekking or exploring the national park but if it is a sunny holiday that you are expecting in any corner of south India then it may disappoint you since there is a consistent rain in July season which is why most of the travels and activities get interrupted. Even at places like Goa, the shacks are closed and even the restaurants don’t work fine.

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5. Weather In Western India in July

The climate at this time is quite chilly but more than this, you will notice heavy rainfall. So even if you plan to visit the tourist’s spots it is next to impossible since there are so many things that you need to carry. Plus, if the weather department predicts the high rainfall then you may have to stay within your hotel which of course is the last thing you would want to do.

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Festivals And Fairs Of July In India

1. International Mango Festival

In this festival, there is a wide range of mangoes for you to explore such as Dussehri, Langra, Chausa, Fazli, Neelam, Banganpalli, Alphonso. July is surely the best time to indulge yourself in this festival which is organized by Delhi Tourism.

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2. Karsha Gustor Festival

This is another popular and the largest Festival that you can plan to attend. It is the celebration of the monastery in Zanskar, the Karsha Monastery in which the victor of good over evil is believed to have happened. There are some masked dance performance done by the monks that you can see at Zanskar, Ladakh.

3. Behdienkhlam Festival

This is said to be an important Indian festival that is celebrated in July which is said to be part of the Phar tribe of Meghalaya celebration. It is done after the sowing of agriculture is done. It is all about eradicating all the negativity away from the mind. This is organized in Jowai, Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya, Northeast India.

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4. Nishagandhi Monsoon Music Festival

If you are a music lover then probably you will love this awesome festival which is organized by Kerala tourism in July which is also said to be the monsoon state. It is a music and dance festival where people attend to enjoy the traditional yet popular cultural music forms. This is organized in Nishagandhi Auditorium, Kanakakunnu Palace Grounds, Trivandrum, and Kerala.

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5. Puri Rath Yatra

For another interesting festival in Monsoon season that you should plan to attend is the Puri Rath Yatra in which you get a chance to learn many things. You surely would love to be part of this awesome festival in which there is a festival celebration for the Lord Jagannath with his elder siblings brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra is conducted. This yatra takes place on 4th of July at Jagannath Temple, Puri, Orissa.

Puri Rath Yatra

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6. Drupka Teshi Festival

This is one of the best festivals that is commended by Buddhists which is organized as the dedication for the trusts of the fourth day Teshi of the 6th month Drukpa that is mentioned in the datebook of Tibetan. The celebration is held in Deer Park where there is a yak race conducted which is celebrated on the Northeast side.

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Things to do in India in July

If you have all made up your mind and now looking forward to going on a trip in July and be a part of some interesting celebrations too then probably, there are some of the important things too that you need to know. It is not just the monsoon and water everywhere that you may think is possibly going to be. Rather there are some of the incredible activities that you can do in July when in India such as:

  • Exploring and having a gala time to enjoy the stunning landscape of Ladakh Mountain.
  • Enjoying the river rafting in Ganges river which is a mesmerizing experience.
  • You can also have the best time on the western Ghats where there are ample of wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife national park and even the forest reserves with some of the charming hill stations.
  • You can have a view at the Dudhsagar falls to enjoy the amazing experience. In Tamil Nadu to Ooty is another amazing tourist spot to have the most enthralling experience.

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Tips for Traveling During July

  • Surely monsoon is a season when you are at high risk of getting sick. That is why make sure you have your medical kit with some of the important medicines like paracetamols and pain killers that you may need.
  • It is always important to take umbrella and raincoat with yourself scene there are chances that rain can surprise your anytime as you are planning to go in July
  • It is better to make the list of places that are meant especially to be gone in July season and accordingly map out things well in advance.

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Frequently Asked Questions about July Weather in India

Q. What season is it in India in July?

A. In July, you will often be experiencing rainfall season or the beginning o rainfall so if you want to explore some places around you can do so in that period.

Q. What is the best time of year to visit India?

A. The best time to visit India is from December to March when you can have a list of places that you can explore around.

Q. Is July a good time to visit India?

A. Surely July can be a great time to visit since there are some of the places like in the North India area you can explore like Manali, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

Q. Is July the Best time to visit Goa?

A. You may not get much of the shacks and restaurants open but if you want to enjoy a pleasant climate with your loved one then July is the best option.

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