Madhya Pradesh is Tuning to Tourism Mode with Trade Shows

The second largest state of the country, Madhya Pradesh is becoming ready for the tourism season. To promote the state among the international travelers, especially the UK tourists, the state has planning to conduct three trade shows between October and December of 2018.

One of the important tourist destinations of India, Madhya Pradesh is famous for its culture, national park, architectural marvels, holy spots and much more. The state holds three heritage sites and six tiger reserves. Starting from wildlife safari to trekking, you can find numerous adventure activities.

If you are visiting Madhya Pradesh during this tourism season, you ought to visit Bhopal for the Madhya Pradesh Travel Mart. This event focuses on promoting visitors to the state, including international tourists.

Travel Mart has a large network, which includes state tourism organization, national bodies, and airline representatives and so on. Many other tourism partners like Travelogy India, Jehan Numa Palace, Rai Travels, TOFTigers and others are also a part of this event.

Between October 5th to 7th 2018, tourists can take part in one-on-one meeting with representatives of the partners like airlines, tour organizers, government bodies and so on.

Between November 5th and 7th, the tourism board presents a trade show, which provides a good platform for the state to explain the diversity of the land in terms of heritage sites, wildlife, travel activities, business value and so on.

This is focused on building business link with UK and other countries in the genre of travel and tourism.

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Between December 3rd and 5th 2018, the state conducts its first Adventure NEXT event, which brings together buyers and sellers of international and local destinations to promote business and networking opportunities.

The show also includes host speakers, who provide educative details about the state’s natural value, historic beauty, forests and much more. It is said that more than 300 international entities, including eco-tourism operators, tour operators and others would be attending this mart.

When questioned about Adventure NEXT, the managing director of the state tourism board, Hari Ranjan Rao stated that the state is looking forward for the trade show to showcase its culture, tradition, souvenirs, art works, architecture, handicraft, cuisine, hospitality and others.

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