Pandaw Cruise Expanding Its Services to India

Now travelers in India can board the extravagant cruise rides from Pandaw as they are preparing to expand their services to India. Pandaw got overwhelming response from travel enthusiasts in India as they announced their pioneering voyage that will cover Lower Ganges sail from this year’s December onwards (2018).

The exciting new expansion plan from Pandaw includes deployment of two more ships around the same voyage region following the great response they received from travelers in India. Furthermore, there will be addition of three new combinations of itineraries that the ship will sail through that also includes exciting post and pre-voyage sightseeing tours around our incredible India.

The founder of Pandaw Paul Strachan, excitedly reported on their expansion plans saying, “The response to our announcement made in May, 2018; that we will place our ship, RV Orient Pandaw, for journey around the Lower Ganges River from December 2018, has been truly phenomenal.” He further went on to say “The reaction from our customers as well as our industry partners has been really positive, so we have decided to significantly expand our offerings in India.”

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Further speaking about their plans Paul went to say, “Pandaw will place two more river cruise ships in the country, sailing on two new routes for Indian voyagers –one being from the Upper Ganges, all the way to Varanasi, and the Brahmaputra, one of Asia’s major rivers. Furthermore, we are also planning to take our sea-going vessel, the Andaman Explorer, to the region, true to her name, she will sail amongst the Bay of Bangal’s beautiful Andaman Islands to offer justice to her name and the beautiful destination it signifies. India is a fascinating country that offers the visitor a richness of experience that cannot be found anywhere else. This expansion for our India program is a key objective for Pandaw and we will raise the bar in the region to achieve cruising excellence.”

The Lower Ganges itinerary was launched by Pandaw this year in May, which received an immensely positive response from the peers and the travelers in the country. The sail is an unusual one traveling from Kolkata to Farakka and back. The stately cruise ship is the grand RV Orient Pandaw that will set up its sail from 23 December 2018 and passengers can feel all the decadent pleasures of this majestic cruise ship.

Now with the lower Ganges itinerary a new itinerary joining the cruise’s offerings is the Upper Ganges cruise traveling from Kolkata to Varanasi. To traverse the waters of the upper Ganges they have introduced a new which is a 14 night journey – RV Katha Pandaw. The Katha Pandaw includes 14 guest coaches and is built to handle the currents of the upper Ganges. However, she is supoosed to get a facelift before being launched for the journey. Pandaw has also added a Brahmaputra voyage from October 2019 onwards. This major Indian river flows through China and Bangladesh. The ship for this voyage is RV Indochina Pandaw, a 30 cabin beauty that will launch from Nimati Ghat. The other exciting voyage from Pandaw is the The Andamans and Passage across the Andaman Sea journey. Their sea going vessel for this journey is the MY Andaman Explorer. It is a beautiful 1960s motor yacht meticulously restored by the founder duo, Paul and Roser Strachan. Furthermore, all the new voyages are being complimented with the partnership of non-stop flights from Kolkata to Port Blair. Moreover, there will also be exciting pre and post cruise tours across India’s most coveted tourism hotspots.

For more information on the itineraries people can log onto the official website of

About Pandaw

Pandaw is cruise ship Tourism Company that offers boutique river expeditions across Southeast Asia. The original company was named Irrawaddy Flotilla Company, founded in 1865, was acquired by Paul and Roser Strachan in 1995, which they later renamed. They are pushing boundaries in order to offer exciting expeditions in their unique style, that they first started through the Mekong River in the Indo-china waterways. Pandaw is also associated with a charity that works for education and health and welfare for people in Burma.


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