Planned to Add more Flight on Mumbai - London Heathrow Course By British Airways

Mumbai is the dream destination of India and the Bollywood capital. It is also the city with one of the busiest international airports in the country. People flying to India from international destinations find Mumbai to be the perfect landing city or the right airport for finding connecting flights to their preferred final destinations . To add ease to those tourists and travelers, the number of international flights in Mumbai is about to be increased.

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From March 2020, the British Airways has planned to add more plane frequency in the already existing Heathrow route between Mumbai and London. As of today, this route is charted by double-daily flights throughout the week. In a week, 14 flights run in this course and the British Airways is planning to increase it to 18 per week. Moreover, the daily flights in this route will be operated by 787-9 aircraft with state-of-art technology and four-cabin configuration.

British Airways flights from Mumbai to London

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British Airways is connecting England with India from five Indian cities namely, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi. With the increase in the number of Mumbai to London flights, the total number of flights flying between UK and India raises from 49 to 56 per week (includes all flights to and fro from all these Indian destinations and UK). British Airways’ sales head for Asia Pacific and Middle East, Moran Birger spoke to the press and mentioned that, the financial capital of India, Mumbai is becoming the spot for international travellers looking for better travel options. Thus, adding more flights to the route would increase convenience among tourists. This would also increase their worldwide network connecting 200 destinations. From March 2020, there will be four additional flights between the two destinations per week.