Santa Claus Is Coming To Town On Christmas Day!

India is a secular country and has inhabitants following different religions and observing various festivals. The Christian community in India celebrates Christmas on 25 December every year as most of the countries in the world do. Many countries celebrate Orthodox Christmas on 7 January.

They celebrate this festival with much enthusiasm and devotion. The ambience of festivity begins from the day of Christmas Eve and continues till the day of New Year.

The birth of Lord Jesus Christ is marked by celebrating Christmas in all over the country. People attend the special masses organized in churches. Christmas carols, candles, cakes and decorated Christmas tree are the specialties of Christmas.

Being a secular nation, India observes Christmas as a National Holiday, when people of all religions visit their friends’ place and celebrate together.


Difference in the Celebrations

There are variations in the Customs for Christmas celebrations in different parts of India due to the influence of local culture. Earthen lamps are lit by the people in South India, as the Hindus do during Diwali. They decorate the walls of their houses and rooftops.

Instead of pine tree, banana or mango trees are decorated as a tradition in several states of India. During Christmas the Christians of Bhil tribe in northwest India, go out at night continuously for a week to sing carols. The Roman Catholic community in Mumbai, which is one of the largest communities in India, depicts nativity scenes according to their custom and use big stars to decorate their home.

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Christmas Carnival in Goa

Goa is known for celebrating Christmas in a most exhilarating way. The beaches of Goa are thronged by international and domestic tourists to attend the Carnival held every year during Christmas. It is a cultural fest of Goa, which is a treat to watch. This colorful carnival is one of the important events of Goa,which is all about music and dance that adds charm to the festive season. It is like Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

MIdnight Xmas mass at Saligao

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Christmas Eve in India

In India, churches are decorated with candles and Poinsettia flowers during Christmas. After the mass, a feast of mouthwatering delicacies is relished by the mass attendees. Gifts are exchanged and people wish one another after the feast.

Many Christian Schools organize nativity on Christmas Eve. Such plays are also staged in churches on Christmas morning. The play is about the birth of Jesus Christ, performed by kids, concluded with hymns and carols.

Someone in Santa’s disguise distribute toffees or candies among the children. Processions of carol singers can be seen on the streets on Christmas Eve, which is the 24 December every year. Delhi01India is said to have around 24 million Christians majorly in its north-eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland, with Goa on the western coast and Tamil Nadu & Kerala in its southern part. So, Christmas is extensively celebrated in these states.

What Does People Generally Do on Christmas

  • Attend special church services
  • Spend time with family members
  • Wear new clothes
  • Eat a festive meal
  • Exchange gifts or sweets
  • Illuminate houses with small electric lamps or earthen lamps
  • Decorate banana or mango trees or imitated pine trees

Day Off From Work

Nationalized government offices along with state and local government offices, banks and post offices remain closed on 25th December (Christmas Day). Businesses, organizations or stores with Christian owner and staff may remain closed or get their opening hours reduced.

Do Something Different This Christmas

Everyone loves to spend time with families and friends during the festivals. Have you ever thought of the orphans in the orphanage and old people in the old aged homes? How they spend their Christmas without their dear ones around?

Why don’t you plan your Christmas with the little ones in the orphanage and the oldies in the old aged homes after enjoying with your family. Carry some cakes, toffees and gifts for them. Share happiness, love and laughter to make them feel loved & special.

Christmas with the little ones in the orphanage

In return, you will earn eternal peace, love and blessings that will make your day memorable. Remember happiness multiplies if you share it with others. Be a Santa Claus of your home town and spread happiness all around.

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