Sumptuous Ahom Delicacies

Many believe that the story of Assamese cuisines is confined to tenga and khar. What’s more, you talk to any of the visitors to the state and you will get the fixed answer substantiating the above made statement.

However, the story of Assamese cuisine goes to a large extent that includes boiled and steamed, fresh, non spicy treats for the discerning foodies. The ‘Gateway to the Northeast’, Guwahati offers wonderful delicacies for sure.

In fact, this is from where one can get in touch directly to the Big Cities that includes the Calcutta.

Apart from the non vegetarian delicacies, you can always enjoy a light yellow dal and dal makhani, a creamier black one with soft aloo pitika (mash), bilai pitika (roast tomato chutney). On the top of it, there is mesmerizing sour ou tenga stew that enhances the overall taste.

The gentle sweet papaya khar is helpful in cleaning the stomach and neutralizes the acidic properties of tenga. There is another delicacy, pork khorika, which is usually dry and tough to consume.

The interesting variation of the Khasi doh iong is yet another attractive delicacy. You will simply love the fiery dish that renders a fine touch of pungent bamboo shoot. The leftover lingering lemony flavour is something, which becomes inevitable to ignore.

Then there is hilsa sorsori or mustard curry that gives the sweet taste of fish. There is also fish served in a leaf, mua patot diya.

It is indeed inevitable to ignore the finest delicacies rendered by this region. Guwahati indeed reigns supreme on both accounts, geographical and culinary.

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