Top Ten Places to Visit During Monsoons in India

Rain rain go away, come again another day. This popular nursery rhyme does not hold true at least for the Indian subcontinent. In the bygone era, when there was no sign of a downpour for many months, people used to worship the rain god for showering his mercy on the parched and dry lands. And when it did come, there was a sense of relief and respite from the scorching heat of the blazing Sun.

Travelers who wish to see the kaleidoscopic colors of this Indian subcontinent should come and visit the places famous for showcasing green landscapes, flower beds in different hues, cascading waterfalls, proliferating wildlife, which will evoke nostalgic memories if one has visited the places before. So, come get drenched in the cool showers or enjoy a cup of hot tea and spicy pakodas while you wait for the heavy downpour to settle down. Given below are top ten places to visit during monsoons in India.

1. The Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand

Various hues of Alpine flowers with snow capped Himalayas as a backdrop along with gurgling streams carrying crystal clear water and rich biodiversity describes the Valley of Flowers. Declared as a national park in 1982 and a World Heritage Site subsequently, the valley is covered with snow from November to May. With the melting of ice in June, the valley bursts into a profusion of colors of purple, yellow and white in July and August. Hiking from Govind Ghat to the valley of flowers in the monsoon is the best way to experience the ecstatic joy of witnessing 300 species of flowers blooming in the wilderness.

valley of flowers, Uttarakhand

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2. Goa

If one is yearning for solitude and privacy in Goa, then the best season to travel is between June to August. The dark clouds, the green hills at a distance, the green swaying palm trees and the ocean waves hitting the shore offer a picturesque view. In this so-called off-season, one can embark on long strolls along the beaches or indulge in parasailing, bumper rides or jetskiing without bumping into hoards of other tourists. The most important reason to visit Goa during monsoons is that every nook and corner of this tiny state is gleaming with local festivities. The most famous festival, Sao-Joao is celebrated with great pomp and show. Plays and songs are performed on river rafts thus providing a unique experience to tourists.

Goa Beaches

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3. Ooty in Tamilnadu

Nestled in the midst of mighty mountains enveloped by dark clouds, Ooty is the most sought- after destination of South India in Tamilnadu. The scenic beauty, tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking weather of Ooty will truly captivate your hearts. The botanical garden, the rose garden or the Ooty lake gleams with a new look in the monsoons. Enjoy a boat ride on the Ooty Lake or a toy train ride in nature’s lap. Relish hot and spicy South Indian delicacies as it rains like cats and dogs and witness some of your favorite Bollywood movies shooting spots as you travel from one region to another.


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4. Munnar in Kerala

One gets to see a different aspect of Munnar as one visits the place in Monsoons. A gentle amble around the unspoilt Devikulam Lake which is surrounded by lush green tea gardens down below and rumpled wilderness above will truly revive your jaded spirits. Besides this, get enthralled by the presence of world’s highest tea estate which is at 8000 ft. The lofty mountains, green plantations, dense wilderness and gorgeous valleys surround the tea gardens thus giving a splendid appearance. Apart from this, Ayurveda in Munnar Kerala is very popular especially during monsoon season because Monsoons are considered to be the best season for healing therapies and rejuvenation programmes.


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5. Shillong in Meghalaya

Cuddled between pine forests and gushing waterfalls, Meghalaya’s capital Shillong is decked with flower beds in different hues and sprawling tea gardens. The Elephant Falls with cascading effect attracts the tourists incessantly. A walk along the pine groves of Lady Hydari Par or a leisurely boat ride on the still waters in the Ward lake will be a rejuvenating experience. Nicknamed as the most charming hill-station of India, it is during monsoons that Shillong turns magical. Also known as the ‘Scotland of the East’ the rugged hills that are covered by the clouds constitute an ethereal landscape thus tempting one to spend time in bed with hot Assam tea or to go outside to get wet in the midst of gushing waterfalls.

Shillong Meghalaya

6. Coorg in Karnataka

Coorg is a perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty in the monsoon season in Karnataka. It is one of the most famous river rafting destinations for adventure aficionados. Apart from this, the place is famous for misty mountains and the best coffee flavors available in the Indian subcontinent. Feel the gentle zephyr, witness the dark clouds and the tiny raindrops in Coorg and wander around the cloud covered hills.

Coorg Scotland of India

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Top Places to Visit in Coorg, Karnataka

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7. Udaipur in Rajasthan

Udaipur, the city of lakes is snuggled between Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan. During monsoons, the beauty of the city is increased manifold as the low lying dark clouds form a blanket over the skies and the blowing of cool breeze makes the place cool and comfortable. The five lakes are the lifeline of the city and as water is filled to the brim, the whole ambience of the place become calm and beautiful. Besides the lakes, the giant forts, tranquil temples and rich culture of the place casts a magic spell on the tourists.


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8. Ladakh

Monsoon is the perfect season to visit Leh Ladakh as the entire region is not influenced by rains like the rest of the country. Leh, the capital of Ladakh offers breathtaking beauty in abundance. The Buddhist monasteries and historical monuments are beautiful to look at. Tourists can indulge in white water rafting in the monsoon season apart from participating in adventure activities like hiking, paragliding, mountain climbing, trekking etc. The famous Hemis festival is held in June or July in which the lamas perform masked dance in the honour of the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava.

Ladakh Monastery

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9. Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh

Spiti Valley is nestled between the state of Himachal Pradesh and Tibet. The valley is decked with snow capped peaks and rugged mountainous terrains. There is hardly any rain during the monsoon season in the valley and this enables trekkers to enjoy a long journey with perpetual sunshine thus exploring the hidden treasures of the inner Himalayas. Besides showcasing breathtaking views and scenery, the valley is a research cum cultural centre for Buddhists.

Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh

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10. Kashmir and Amarnath Yatra

Kashmir is a well-known tourist hotspot and is renowned for exhibiting unprecedented natural beauty. Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir is well known for the Dal Lake where one can embark on a houseboat and enjoy a shikara ride. The beautiful gardens, scintillating lakes, sparkling rivers and gorgeous mountains welcome tourists at any time of the year.

kashmir-valley in monsoons

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But the icing on the cake is the Amarnath shrine which is situated 145 km away from Srinagar. The shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Since, from September to June the path leading to the Amarnath Cave is covered with snow, it is inaccessible to tourists. The Amarnath pilgrimage tour is possible only in monsoons.


Thus we find that instead of being a dampener on your holiday, the rains in India may make your travelling experience even more rich and lively. Far from ruining your travel plans, the monsoons are actually a blessing in disguise.

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