Travelogy India Celebrated Its 5th Anniversary!!!!

Yippee!! Travelogy India added another moment in the list of its happy moments as it celebrated its 5th Birthday on Saturday, 20 June, 2015. The beautifully ornamented office interiors with colourful balloons created an ambiance of celebration. The atmosphere filled the mind and soul of the entire Travelogy Team with enthusiasm and joy.

Celebration & Entertainment

DSCN0116 The celebration became memorable with the gracious presence of Mrs. Reena Gupta & Mr. Santosh Gupta, the Directors of the company. The blowing of candles and cutting of cake added charm to the celebration . DSCN0138 Everyone enjoyed the relishing cake, bursted balloons and had a photo session. Some of the talented toes of Travelogy India tapped on the music. Several games were also organized as a part of entertainment-the most popular among them was Antakshri (where the team members got the opportunity to prove their singing talent). Even though all were engaged in several activities, the craze of taking selfies and groupfies kept everyone busy throughout the day.


After the cake cutting ceremony, Travelogy India Team had a day out for lunch. The whole team went to a nearby eating outlet, Sagar Ratna at Preet Vihar. Traveling together in a metro was really pleasing. It was a good experience being in Sagar Ratna, as there were tables already reserved for Travelogy India Team. The restaurant became a place of discussion and gossip at that particular time. Then everyone placed order according to one’s own wish and taste. The order list included a blend of South Indian & North Indian Cuisines. To begin with starters, there were plates full of Paneer Pakodas served with relishing Chutneys. sagar ratnatravelogy Sagar-Ratna To name a few main course items, there were Harabhara Kabab, Paneer do Pyaza, Navratan Korma, Lemon Rice, Sagar Ratna Special- Paneer Dosa and Yellow Dal tadka. The meal was concluded with beverages like Green Apple Nojitos, Cold Coffee with Ice Cream and Desserts like- Chocolate Icecream and Kulfi. After a hearty meal at Sagar Ratna, the team dispersed and everyone moved towards their homes with happy feelings and rejuvenated mind. The day out boosted the spirits of the team members and helped in regaining their lost energy throughout the weekdays, preparing them to work passionately again from the next working day.


The growing age of the company has brought in another year of 3Es- Experience, Excellence and Enthusiasm to do better and go further, beyond expectation! It’s our 5th Anniversary wrapped with success and we are really proud of that. We always had a long-term vision with massive undertaking that made us what we are today. We are confident that our efforts will repay us and will help us gain the faith and trust of clients more than what we have gained so far. travelogy at sagar ratna


We put efforts moving out of our comfort zone as we are willing to grow, so that we can celebrate many such successful years. We wish to fulfil new commitments everyday to achieve success. By being successful we don’t mean making money only but the diversity we create in our field through our efforts and practice. We do so, with a hope that one day we will be the mentor in the field of travel, tours and hospitality We are proud that so far, we have proved our worth and standing with a different identity among the crowd. We hope to grow more successful with every passing year. We want to flourish and gather experience to serve our clients in the best possible ways fulfilling their expectations and catering their needs!