World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan

Delhi being one of the most visited city of Indian region houses Pragati Maidan, which means “Progress Ground".  It is a venue in New Delhi used for organizing large exhibitions and conventions. The venue covers an area of 72,000 sq. meters and is considered as Delhi's largest exhibition centre. India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) is the leading trade promotion agency of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Government of India), which has owned this venue and is also managing the same.

Popularity of Pragati Maidan

Various fairs and exhibitions are held here on international level. Numerous traders and manufacturers from all over the world visit the place to participate in the fairs and exhibitions. To name a few events organized in Pragati Maidan are the India International Trade Fair, World Book Fair and the Auto Expo, which draws visitors in large number from in and out of the country. The largest fair among all these is the India International Trade Fair which draws more than 10,000 exhibitors and exceed 30,00,000 visitors.

World Book Fair 2015

The World Book Fair is held for the past 41 years at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) has become a prominent calendar event in Publishing Industry. The New Delhi World Book Fair 2015 commenced from 14 February and will be continue till 22 February 2015.

National Book Trust of India, which is an apex body of Indian Government (under the ministry of Human Resource Development) Organizes this Fair to promote Indian Books in foreign countries and also to improve possibilities of business interactions such as buying and selling of translation rights among Indian and foreign publishers.

The nodal agency of Indian Government- India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) is controlled by the Ministry of Commerce. It is the co-organizer of the fair held there and promotes India’s external trade. The present condition of Indian publishing is balanced and is about to reach a significant level in terms of growth. NDWBF offers a wonderful platform for the participants with an increased scope of business along with the growth of book industry. This place is considered as an ideal venue for endorsing trade, titles and co-publication arrangements. Not only this, several conferences and programs related to literature and publication are arranged during the Fair. It provides a gateway to the academic and publishing world. The World Book Fair draws participants from all the major publications around the globe.

Types of Books to be Displayed

Various types of books will be exhibited in the fair. The exhibitors will display the best of their Books and periodicals, teaching aids, educational Books, Professional Books, Teaching Books, Periodical Books, University Books, School Books, College Books, Commerce Books, Industrial Books, Entertainment Books, High Standard Books, Public Books and many more.

Who can be benefited?

Book lovers and people with interest in literature can have a fest there. They will be able to go through various books and can collect as many books as they want from the fair. Libraries, colleges and Universities can pick up huge collection of books for their students and visitors. Students can also get benefits from this fair as they can choose books according to their needs and interests, from the wide range of books available at the same place. Do not miss this literature fest as it is a perfect place to satisfy the wants of books!