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Top Museums in Delhi

Apart from housing some great architectural structures and monuments, Delhi has some very good museums showcasing artworks, historical glory etc. Also some are dedicated for pure educational purposes. Meant for people of all ages and from all walks of life, these museums tell various stories related to their subject of interest and serve entertainment purpose also. Some of top museums in Delhi are:

  • 1. Rail Museum

    This museum as its name indicates, is dedicated to showcasing different trains that have been operative in India at some or the other point of time. One can get to see engines and coaches all around in the complex those used in the olden times. The chief highlight during your exploration will be the first train engine that ran in India in 1853. Also children can enjoy the joy ride of a toy train that gives a view of the whole museum. If you want to know about the history of Indian railways then this is the perfect place as there is a lot of information available.

  • 2. National Science Museum

    National Science Museum was launched in 1992 and since then it has served its very purpose: instilling in children interest for science subjects. There are some very basic scientific concepts demonstrated through working models which can be operated by the visitors for better understanding. Also some amazing facts, science and technology heritage of India are perfectly displayed in the whole complex. There are various sections in the museum on sub divisions of science like biology, evolution etc.

  • 3. National Museum

    Housing a number of articles, artefacts, artworks and other things dating back to olden times, it is a doorway to step into the world of historical India and delve deeper into its cultural magnificence. People come here to see the remnants of many dynasties who have ruled India in past. Plus the very early tools, jewellery from Palaeolithic age, Mohenjo-Daro civilisation etc, elevate the reputation of this museum to being one of the best ones in the whole country. This museum is also the largest in Delhi.

  • 4. Dolls Museum

    Dolls museum is an ideal place for children to roam around and have a look at the cultures of different countries. Here dolls from various countries from all over the world have been displayed wearing the native clothes of the countries to which they belong. Also along with the clothes, the set up where dolls are displayed is such that it depicts a typical scene of the country to which those dolls belong to. Dolls also sold over here along with being exhibited.

  • 5. Nehru Museum and Planetarium

    This was the official residence of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru when he became the first Prime Minister of India until the time he ascended to heaven. It was converted into a museum after his death displaying his works. His life is also depicted through visual media. It houses a library and planetarium where people are educated about India’s space ventures. Jawahar Jyoti is an ever burning flame situated in the complex.

  • 6. Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

    This is a museum devoted to the first lady Prime Minister of India: Indira Gandhi. Here her belongings, photographs etc are all displayed very beautifully. It was earlier her residence when she was the Prime Minister and after her assassination, it was turned into a museum. It was in this bungalow that she was assassinated and it preserves the sari worn by her when she was killed. Along with this, the spot where she was shot is covered with a glass. One can walk around in the museum’s garden along with listening to her speech.

  • 7. National Gandhi Museum

    This is one museum that has carved its place in most of the Delhi itineraries as it is situated opposite to Rajghat and is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, the world famous leader to whom many people look up to as their idol. Personal belongings, books, journals etc have been exhibited here. Audio-visual aids throwing light on his life and philosophy (like that of ascetism) are also available.

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