What to Wear in Delhi

What to Wear in Delhi

Delhi is one of the modern and inclusive regions in the country. Thus, you need not worry about whether your attire sticks to the culture of the land. However, the climate of the land determines the type of attire you should be packing for your Delhi vacation. Here is the list of what to wear in Delhi according to season like summer, winters and monsoon:


The temperature fluctuates between 5 degrees C and 24 degrees C. There is low to zero probability of rainfall during this month. This is the peak winter season and thus, the humidity will be low. However, mid-afternoon can get hot during certain days. Thick cotton or mild woolen dresses are required during dawn. After sunset, a woolen coat would come handy.

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The temperature ranges between 7 degrees C and 25 degrees C. There is very little chance of rainfall this month. It is a pleasing time. Mild dresses made of cotton should be preferred.

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This month temperature can rise up to 28 degrees C. Chances of precipitation is zero. Humidity will be very high. Make sure to wear loose clothing with a lot of aeration.

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April can record an average high of 35 degrees C. It is one of the driest months of the year.Light-colored mild cotton clothing with headcover like cap, umbrella or a shawl would make sightseeing comfortable.

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This is the hottest month of the year with the highest temperature recorded at an average of 42 degrees C. The climate is hot, humid and dry. Mild colored cotton clothing with a cap and sunglasses is recommended.

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The average high temperature drops down to 38 degrees C. Later part of the month would have moderate rainfall. It is one of the windy months of the year. Wear thick clothing, but make sure that you wear dresses, which can dry out easily. Thick socks would keep your feet safe.

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The average high for this month is 35 degrees C. Heavy rainfall can be expected. A raincoat or umbrella is essential. Do not wear light color clothing as you might have to walk through puddles in the Delhi road.

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The highest temperature will not rise above 30 degrees C. This month has the longest and heaviest rainfall times of the year. Thick material clothing would be comfortable.


There will not be much of a difference in the temperature between September and August. High to moderate amount of precipitation can be expected. Avoid thick woolen dresses.


The temperature will not rise above 28 degrees C. Precipitation is rare. Thin woolen clothing is preferred.


The temperature can fall as low as 10 degrees C. It is cool and dry. Thick clothing with sweaters is essential. Smog is very common during winter and thus, it is better to cover your face with thin clothing or wear a mask.

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The temperature will be as low as 7 degrees C. Usually, December is a dry month. Wear layers. Always have a coat handy. You will never know when the cold breeze will freeze your bones.

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