Restaurants in Goa

Since tiny State of Goa attracts maximum number of tourists as compared to other tourist destinations in India, restaurants and bars in Goa cover all the tourist destinations there. Restaurants serve both continental and intercontinental and the local delicacies with a unique taste. Local dishes are spicy but tasty.

There are bars and restaurants maintained by households. Since liquor in Goa is not restrained in Goa, you can enjoy a couple of pegs of local feni made of chashew nuts with roasted cashew nuts after walking a few steps in a household bar and restaurant. At tourist spots of Calangute, Candolim and hilltop location in Arpora, there are night clubs and bars. Goa does not restrain the nightlife as is usual in most places in India even in metropolitan cities. Panaji too has a couple of nightclubs.

Travelogy India Pvt. Ltd. well realizes the import of a wholesome dinner after day’s hectic tour that will induce our guests to a sound sleep and energize you be ready for the next day hectic tour the next day. To ensure that you dine at a right spot, we have identified the a few good Restaurants in Goa to suite both your palate and pocket. Our criterion in rating restaurant as good is not the cost but the quality of food stuff served at a reasonable price. We also help our guests to be in the know of menus, cuisines etc. in the identified restaurants. While suggesting you a proper restaurant for your dinners, we keep in mind personal choice like local) spicy or otherwise), continental or inter-continental.

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