15 Best Places to Eat in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, has some of the top tourist attractions in India. With its exceptional climate and beautiful snowscape the place also has a wide range of distinguished cuisines with influences from Tibetan and Indian especially Punjabi dhaba style.

If you trip to this northern state in India you have to taste the spicy food with thick gravy, and wheat bread. Now a days, even the noodles and steamed momos are big part of Himachali cuisine and is gaining popularity with the tourists there.

Manali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and one of the best crowd pullers to the state of Himachal Pradesh. It has a plethora of Indian cuisines from around the country and neighboring countries like Tibet, and Chinese in addition to Italian cuisines. You can find many eating options from street side vendors to premium restaurants.

When it comes to Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, there are many different restaurants offering a wide range of international cuisine as well as spectrum of bakery items, confectionery and snacks such as Chaat and Pahadi bites.

There are many restaurants serving various cuisines from Indian to International in McLeod Ganj. Japanese food is available in famous Lung Ta situated on Jogibara road where you also find a number of cafes, bar & restaurants. It is also a great place for quick bites from Tibet such as steamed momo, tingmo and thupkas. Even Temple Road is good for such cafes and eateries that serve veg and non-veg dishes.

1. Wake and Bake, Shimla

Sitting on the first floor in front of the town hall building on top of the row of shops the small cozy place is suitable for having a small chat with people especially over a cup of coffee. You can also order various street side snacks in addition to pizzas or pasta or even order for ‘Daily Special’.

2. Oberoi Cecil Hotel, Shimla

This hotel colors its ambiance with the grandeur of old world charm. It is an alluring in-house restaurant with sumptuous food available and impeccable service here in a beautiful location. There is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian platter including Fried fish, Kullu Trout fish with lemon butter sauce, biryani, homemade muesli with honey and yogurt, and others that is definitely something to try out.

3. Scandal Delights, Shimla

This is a place where you can taste excellent Thai cuisine and even delicious dessert. Moreover the atmosphere and ambiance in the lounge with a well – stocked bar is remarkable. It is a great place to have a quaint evening in this place offering panoramic views that makes it even more special. It is situated at The Mall and is worth a trip to.

4. Qilaa, Shimla

Another great restaurant situated at The Mall is one of the best places with great ambiance of middle east. It also features lovely hanging lights in addition to photographs of the beautiful capital city of Himachal Pradesh – Shimla. They make soft fresh Naans, and various dishes including tandoori chicken, Falafel, cream Dal Makhani, and juicy paneer butter masala.

5. Casa Bella Vista, Manali

This is one of the most splendid locations as you can also listen to the watery sounds of River Beas. The place soothes you with the atmosphere and the mouth – watering pizzas they offer. The specialty of these pizzas are served straight from a fire over the wood on to your designated table. They are often served with a sumptuous drizzle of olive oil. In addition to the wood fire fresh pizzas there are also the extremely thin crust pizzas that are highly recommended to taste. The place provides offer Italian spicy homemade Pizzas in the town of Manali.

6. Cafe 1947, Manali

The name is a very attractive name in addition to the surroundings with a great riverside view and a massive tree in the vicinity. It is said to serve great food in Manali and also features a warm and huddled seating arrangement making it the ideal place to relax and chill. The recommended foods include Lemon Hanna, Olive Mushroom Pizza, Chicken Tomato Lasagna, and Honey Lemon Ginger on Ice.

7. Johnson Bar & Restaurant, Manali

If you take a trip to Manali then this is one of the few places to chill out at especially in Manali. It is situated in close proximity to the Market area of Manali and is one of the best Restaurant cum Lounge with a lush lawn in the outer region. You can relax with your favorite drink or amazing cocktails. So, it is here you can have lunch or dinner when you need to and there are several cuisines to choose from – Indian, Continental, and Italian.

8. La Plage, Manali

This scenic restaurant is located amidst beautiful apple orchards that provide amazing atmosphere and sights of trees, grass, and fruits. The desserts are a must – try while they offer delicious mocktails in addition to the French food given here. There is amazingly great hospitality and it provides the best ambiance for food and drink. So, it is a must visit place for a great and memorable experience here.

Mandala Coffee Shop, McLeod Ganj If you are craving breakfast then this is the best place to have nice filling breakfast at this small, neat, and well stocked place. It serves the best Cappuccino and Mueseli with fruits and yogurt while their fresh fruit juice are delicious and they also have the best cakes in town. So, while you are in McLeod Ganj do visit this place to have the best everything – breakfast, juice, and cappuccino.

9. Baljee's, Manali

Situated right in front of Town Hall in the center of Mall Road the place is famous for offering a healthy and satisfying breakfast. You can choose from dosa, omelets to Butter chicken and Mutton Rogan Josh here, not to mention the delectable gulab jamun to satisfy your sweet tooth.

10. Drifters Inn, Old Manali

This place is special for various reasons – they have different zones for smokers and non-smokers making it a great place for all. They also have several books for you to read and a range of different board games to play. You can play while you wait for your meal to get prepared. They serve a mix of various cuisines from Indian to International and serve good portion in good style. There is also a well – stocked bar to chill out at evening and breakfast platter includes sandwiches, burgers and sweet desserts.

11. Lung Ta, McLeod Ganj

Nestled amidst a picturesque backdrop the lovely place has a choice for guests – open terrace overlooking the scenic mountains in the chill or a front room to be warmer. Popular for the amazing ambiance, hospitality, and great Japanese cuisine. This is a great place for those on a vegetarian diet and it also is very reasonably priced. Moreover, it is a non-commercial outlet that operates a unit not for profits as the proceeds go towards Tibet Welfare. It is open all days except Sundays.

12. Woeser Bakery, McLeod Ganj

This bakery has almost all you can want – milkshakes, smoothies, tea and coffee, sandwiches, shakes, cupcakes, tarts, desserts, etc. Moreover, it is famed for no usage of baking soda / baking powder and so the foods are healthier.

13. Gakyi Restaurant, McLeod Ganj

This is one of the best places if you want to taste Tibetan cuisine. The small restaurant place serves healthy vegetarian food including Lamen with tofu / egg / garlic sauce alongside the hot steamed dumplings popularly called momos. In addition to the Tibetan cuisine they also serve the spaghetti, milkshakes, and hot cup of tea. You can eat healthy and be light at the same time.

14. Tibet Kitchen, Dharamshala

Here tourists can also find many local people, and even monks who come here to have Tibetan food. This place has ample seating space and is warm and hospitable. The food is with very less or no spice and it is authentic Tibetan food. However, plenty of sauce is available so you can flavor it as per your tastes. The non – vegetarian foods include the Chilly Pork, and Chicken Pokchoy served with spicy veggies and oyster sauce.

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