15 Best Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Located on the lush western Himalayan region, the Himachal Pradesh is a famous tourist destination for adventure lovers, honeymooners, nature lovers, and solo travelers. This is the destination for all seasons and for all tourists.

Here are the top tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh to cover during your visit to the state.

1. Kullu Manali

Geographically, Kullu and Manali are two different destinations. However, the destinations are linked together into one beautiful honeymoon and adventure destination. The best time to visit these two destinations for a colorful and cheerful vacation is from May to July. The summer would add more beauty to the place, making it the right time for trekking, angling rafting, camping, and others.

If you wish to enjoy snow activities or a cuddly honeymoon, the best time to visit Manali is from November to January. Iconic destinations are Solang Valley, Manali bird sanctuary, and more.

2. Shimla

Shimla is an interesting hill town, which even attracted the British rulers and Indian royals to escape the wrath of summer sun. This colonial summer retreat is one of the famous honeymoon destinations of India, today. The best time to visit is between May and July and from November to February.

Top places to visit in Shimla are Jakhu Hill, Mall Road, Viceregal Lodge, Annandale, Ridge, and the mountain train route. This is the best place to enjoy your vacation with outdoor activities.

3. Mcleodganj or McLeod Ganj

Mcleodganj is a quaint and small hill town, which is famous among backpackers and budget travelers. This is an amazing colorful and cheerful destination for rejuvenation and spiritual journey. The Tibetan culture, spiritual destinations, and the Himalayan backdrop give the right blend for a stress-reducing vacation. If you are visiting as a part of a spiritual journey, best places to visit are Namgyal monastery, Triund, Tsuglagkhang, and others.

4. Dharamshala

Dharamshala is the home to Dalai Lama and is called as the little Lhasa. This is a lively cultural destination and a pilgrimage site. If you wish to enjoy Tibetan culture, Dhauladhar ranges ambience, and adventure activities, this is the right place. Top destinations to cover are Kangra Fort, Bhagsunath Temple, Bhagsu Falls, Dalai Lama Temple Complex, Kangra Valley, Kangra Art Museum, and others.

5. Kasauli

On the way to Shimla, you will find a small cantonment town on the lower end of Himalayas. This is a serene destination away from the commercialized tourism. The destination is famous for romantic activities, Gilbert nature trail, sunset points, trekking routes, colonial era churches, and others. If you are looking for offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh, this should be a perfect choice.

6. Bir Billing

This duo destination is located on the west side of Himachal Pradesh. This place is famous for interesting adventure activities and refreshing climate. The iconic attraction of Bir Billing is the paragliding activity, which will be at prime beauty during May – July.

Tourists also love to backpack through the region to enjoy the Himalayan valleys, amazing Buddhist monasteries, ancient temples, tea plantations, and others. Apart from paragliding, trekking, and others, this place is also famous for Tibetan culture, meditation, and shopping.

7. Spiti Valley

Spiti means Middle Land – this is the land bordering India and Tibet. People assume that Spiti Valley is famous for rugged mountain routes, monasteries, and cultural celebration. These monasteries are cultural hotspot, where you can enjoy numerous traditional festivals.

Spiti Valley is also famous for numerous trekking trails, high altitude Himalayan lakes, mountain ropeway, and other exquisite high altitude activities. The mountain villages along this valley are famous for birdwatching, camping, exploration, and other activities. Top destinations to visit here are Lari Dupuk, Millennium Monastery, Tabo, Dhankar Monastery, Angla Plains, Rangrik Rewa Cave, Pin Valley National Park, and others.

8. Kinnaur

Kinnaur is tagged as Land of Gods. This place is famous among tourists looking for cultural beauties and natural attractions. Kinnaur is famous for trekking, skiing, and exploring the Himalayan regions. The small high-altitude hamlets in this region provide cultural color to your vacation. Nako Lake, Nako Gompa, Kamr Fort, and other destinations of Kinnaur have Tibetan influence, as so does the cuisine of the land.

9. Kasol

This Little Israel is a famous tourist and holy destination, attracting trekkers and backpackers. The most iconic attraction of Kasol is the Kheerganga trek, which will lead you to a natural hot water spring. The River Parvati that runs along this Himalayan Village flourishes the land with lush foliage, pine forests, and more.

Kasol is famous for its interesting Israeli culture. You can find Israel cuisine, interesting places of worship, Hebrew signs, flea markets, and others. Otherwise a quaint place, Kasol is famous for mid-night rave parties, Indrasan music festival, and a booze-filled nightlife.

10. Kufri

If you love to enjoy a snow vacation, Kufri is the right place. This winter destination is the best for trekking, skiing, hiking, snow trekking, and others. Kufri is a famous and crowded skiing hotspot. If you wish to enjoy the snow landscape and wildlife, do not miss the Himalayan Nature Park. This is a cliché Himalayan hill station for those who want to have a white winter vacation.

11. Khajjiar

This small valley is found in Chamba district. Khajjiar is geographically a small destination, but it is quite famous among honeymooners. Top attractions to cover here are apple orchards, Khajji Nag Temple, Khajjiar Lake, Bakrota Hills, and others.

Located closer to Dalhousie, this place is a mini Switzerland. This small Himalayan Plateau holds thick forests, green meadows, breathtaking landscape, and a colorful culture, which would kindle romance in your vacation. Apart from being a honeymoon destination, this place is also famous for trekking, paragliding, zorbing, horsing, and others.

12. Chail

Chail is not just famous for holding the highest altitude cricket ground in the earth. This place is also famous for pine forests covered in mist, hiking trails, verdant valley, and beautiful meadows lined with deodar trees.

If you wish to enjoy a vacation closer to nature, Chail is the best place. Hiking, trekking, camping, horse riding and other adventure activities are quite common here. Although a year around destination, this place is famous as a summer escapade destination. Riverside camping closer to River Sandhupul is gaining more attention in the recent years.

13. Mashobra

This is a hidden-variant of Shimla. Located 7,700 feet above sea level, this hill station is famous among tourists looking for a quieter and quaint style of vacation with the natural beauty of cliché hill stations like Shimla. Tourists love to spend time in camps closer to the Shivalik ranges or forest region. Other adventure activities to enjoy here are river rafting, birdwatching, rappelling, zip lining, stargazing, trekking, and others. This is a summer paradise of the state.

14. Solang Valley

This is a famous adventure destination of Himachal Pradesh. The landscape of this valley and the high altitude climate make it the best place for paragliding, skydiving, horseback riding, and others in summer. In winter, the valley is famous for skiing. December to January is the peak tourism time of this region.

15. Thirthan Valley

Just three kilometers from Himalayan National Park, this valley is another adventure destination for activities like trekking, nature hiking, camping, picnicking, and others. This valley is lush with apple orchards, which would be ready for harvesting in spring. In winter, the alpine meadows and coniferous forests would be lush with beauty. This is one of the paradises for honeymooners and adventure enthusiasts. This is not the complete list of tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

Apart from these, you can enjoy a blissful vacation amidst Himalayan beauties at Rumsu, Keylong, Naggar, Arki, Nalagarh, Manikaran Sahib, Kalpa, and others. Himalayan winters can be harsh. Thus, make sure to choose the right set of destinations based on the season of your vacation and the types of activities you wish to include.

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