Best Time to Visit Shimla

Given the Himalayan surrounding and the high altitude location, Shimla has a classic sub-tropical highland climate. This climate is very cold in winter and warm in summer. The temperature would vary between -4 degrees C and 31 degrees C, in a year.

Summer and Spring (March - June)

Spring starts in March and ends in April and summer starts in April and ends in June. Spring and summer are prime times to visit Shimla for a vacation. The place will be warmer and the temperature will not fall below 16 degrees C. Spotting snow is impossible during this region. By the mid of spring, all the flowering plants would be at bloom.

Summer and spring are the best seasons for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, camping, paragliding, and others. Summer is also the right time to enjoy cultural and entertaining festivals like Shimla summer festival, Holi, Sipi Fair, Baisakhi, and others.

Monsoon (July - September)

This is the least preferred season for tourism. Thus, you can find good deals on accommodation and travel. The monsoon is heavy and long in Shimla. The rainy season can last up to mid of October too. During heavy rainfall, landslides are common. All adventure and outdoor activities will be halted for safety reasons. The temperature will be pleasingly warm. Monsoon is also the time of Rhyali Festival.

Winter (November - January)

November is a warm time to explore the regions and by December the temperature starts to fall. By peak winter, the temperature can easily reach -6 degrees C. All the snow and winter spots will be open for tourists. Snowfall is very common in Shimla and thus, you can enjoy a classic white vacation with snowball fights, building snowman, snow castle, and others. Winter is also the time for Shimla Winter Carnival, Bhoj Fair, Diwali, Ice skating carnival, Christmas, Lohri, and others. Winter is one of the prime times for tourism in Shimla.

Best Time to Visit Shimla

March to June – the summer season is the best time to visit Shimla for outdoor activities, honeymoon activities, and a pleasing vacation. If you are visiting in winter, November to February, you can enjoy snow based adventure activities. The worst time to visit is from July to September (or, October).

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