Top Places Near Rivers & Lakes in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a place renowned for the beautiful scenery, snow – capped Himalayan mountain ranges, and the lakes of the vast state – some still and some shimmering with reflections of sunrays. When you plan a tour to this beautiful state in India – one of the top tourist destinations in India, do take time to check out lakes.

Here are the Top Places near Rivers & Lakes in Himachal Pradesh for tourists.

1. Bilaspur – Very first planned Hill Town in India near Gobind Sagar Lake

This famous hill station in Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh is famous not only as the first planed hill station in the country but is also very historically and culturally significant.

One of the top attractions in Shimla in this town of Bilaspur is definitely the Gobind Sagar Lake. This is situated on the River Sutlej lake and is a great place to rejuvenate as it has a lovely peaceful atmosphere. Another crowd puller of this man – made lake is the fishing activities held here. Moreover, it is also a heaven for the adventure enthusiasts as there are several water sports available to play in the water.

This hill town is famous also for housing the highest connecting road bridge in Asia situated at Gobind Sagar lake near Kandraur. It is also famed for housing the highest dam in India for waters of the Gobind Sagar Lake, called as Bhakra Nagal Dam, and the highest straight gravity dam in the whole world ! It provides spectacular views of the beautiful lake from here.

Things to do in Bilaspur

  • Bhakra and Nagal multi – purpose Dams.
  • Enjoy activities like boat ride at Gobind Sagar Lake.
  • Go Fishing and participate in adventure water sports.
  • Best places in India for Paragliding activities here.
  • Visit Vyas Cave and Sri Naina Devi Ji Temples.

Best Time to Visit

Throughout the Year as monsoons experience moderate rainfall and winters freeze.

2. Tattapani – Hub of Water Sports, a Village on the Banks of River Sultej.

Situated over 50 kilometers from the capital city of Himachal Pradesh – Shimla, this popular tourist destination in India lies of the banks of River Sultej. Although a quaint village it is blessed with several of nature's creations such as caves, hot springs, river Sultej, and panoramic views of surrounding areas.

After a hearty chat with the locals of this village you will certainly get to know some of the secret treasures and various attractions at River Sultej. It is located in a prime location at one of the top rivers of Himachal Pradesh where several tourists visit.

There is a particular ht spring that is famed for the waters that will cure several medical conditions or ailments such as joint pains, common fatigue, skin ailments, etc. due to its medicinal properties in the Hot Sulphur Spring. There are a number of adventure sports to do here as there are many organizers holding these kinds of sports.

For the spiritual people, you can visit the Shiva Caves that is only 3.5 kilometers distance from the center of this place. It is believed that a visit to these caves is capable of fulfilling the wishes and vows of the visitors / devotees of the Shiva Caves.

Things to do in Tattapani

  • Adventure Sports like Zorbing / Camping / Trekking in Tattapani.
  • White River Rafting at the banks of River Sultej.
  • Skiing in Winters, / one great place for Paragliding.
  • Dip in the Hot Water Springs near to the River Sultej.
  • Visit Shiva Cave and Mahunag.

Best Time to Visit

Winter Months – November – mid February

Temperature – below 0 degrees to max 7 O Celsius

Summer Months – March – mid May

Temperature - 12 O Celsius to max 20 O Celsius

Best time to visit Tattapani in Himachal Pradesh is winters because you can do all the things:

  • View the snow – capped Himalayan mountains.
  • Go for skiing in the mountain slopes.
  • Bath in the Hot Sulpher Springs.
  • Also visit the other tourist attractions.
  • 3. Mandi – The Choti Kashi – The Varanasi of Hills in Himachal Pradesh

    The reason that this quaint verdure region is given the popular names such as ‘Varanasi of Hills’ , Choti Kashi, etc., is due to the fact that the region is home to over 80 temples that dot the area. River Beas is one of the biggest water bodies in the country spreading over borders of states. This quaint place that is located near River Beas has exceptional historical structures that date back to nearly fifth century AD.

    It is nestled between the Kullu and Dharamshala and serves as a gateway to great huge valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Some of them include Spiti Valley, Lahaul, Manali, and Kullu regions. The spot is also a great places from where you go for famous treks in Himachal Pradesh such as Prashar Lake as well as Janjheli treks respectively.

    In addition to trekking there are also amazing sightseeing destinations in Himachal Pradesh here. There are Camping activities in addition to seeing the mighty flowing River Beas where several water sports take place here. Don’t forget to check out the Pandoh Dam which is famous for diverting the waters by tunnels that are nearly 40 km long! The waters of this dam that are diverted from the River Beas is also used for the hydro electric power generation especially at the Dehar Power House.

    Things to do in Mandi

    • Trekking / Camping in Prashar Lake trek
    • White River Rafting at banks of River Beas
    • Excellent views of area from Pandoh Dam
    • Visit the various Rewaisar Lake, Sunder Nagar, Tattapani
    • Pilgrims can take a Visit to see Bhutnat temple.

    Best Time to Visit

    April – October as no snowfall during winters & summer is very hot.

    4. Kasol – the Amsterdam of India

    River Parvati is a picturesque region with misty waterways and a small village surrounding it called Kasol. Although this is a village it is a major tourist attraction in India for many international tourists. It is also one of the best top attractions in Himachal Pradesh for the visitors from around the country.

    It is nestled in between Bhuntar and Manikaran towns of the state and is resplendent with beauty and abundant in nature. This place is suited best to the nature lovers who are wanting a getaway from busy life. It is also a great paradise for the adventure enthusiasts alike as they can go camping and trekking that are common activities here.

    Situated in the lap of nature, it is a place on the banks of River Parvati that gives it more beauty and an exhilarating experience.

    Things to do in Kasol

    • Trekking in Kasol
    • River Parvati Waters
    • Kheerganga Trek
    • Sightseeing at Malana
    • Village at Tosh

    Best Time to Visit

    April – October to June

    5. Spiti Valley – Surrounded by Great Mighty Himalayas

    The serpentine roads with valleys that provide an outstanding view of the snow desert and hills. Nestled in the center of the Himalayan region it is situated in Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of 12,500 feet above sea level. The Spiti valley is famous for having nearly four months of no sunshine at times and is one of the coldest regions in the country.

    The thick snow separates this beautiful region from the rest of the nation as the roadways are only open during summer when there is visibility. It also serves as a base camp to several peaks of the Himalayas. It is not only the hills and snow but also the beautiful river Spiti and the Dhankar Lake that would showcase the beauty of the region with surrounding villages and chill breeze. There are many things to do at Spiti Valley.

    Things to do in Spiti Valley

    • Camping by Chandratal Lake
    • Learn Buddhist culture at Key Monastery
    • Motorbiking at Kunzum Pass
    • Spot Wildlife at Pin Valley National Park
    • Enjoy beauty of Suraj Tal Lake
    • River rafting at River Pin and River Spiti

    Best Time to Visit

    April – March to mid – June

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