10 Best Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Gangtok

Gangtok is a land of natural beauty. Given its location amidst Himalayan ambiance at an altitude of 1650m, Gangtok is truly a scenic paradise. The culture of the land is colorful and cheerful too.

Beyond these, Gangtok is also famous for a vibrant nightlife. If you want to experience this face of Gangtok, here are the top destinations to cover.

Best Places to Enjoy the Nightlife in Gangtok

1. Pub 25

Location: Vishal Gaon

This is a cliché nightlife destination with regular drinks, good food, hip crowd, and others. The place has a warm ambience, which would remind you of some English pub.

Unlike English pubs, you will not find live events. The music is selected to give a relaxed feel to the night. The place is famous for pork ribs, momos, and a long list of soups (if you want to try).

pub 25

2. Lounge 31A

Location: Zero Point on NH31 A

If you are a first-time visitor to enjoy the nightlife of Gangtok, this is the right place to begin your night vacation. The place has a decent cliché high-end club ambience with wooden interior, glass facade, vibrant colors, and more.

The cozy ambience adds more sublime to your night. The bar serves unique cocktails, interesting dishes, and hit music. This is one of the very few clubs in the region, which aces in all the areas, like music, dance, entertainment, booze, food, and staff. If you are looking for a happening spot filled with young crowd, this is the right place.

3. Café Live and Loud

Location: Tibet Road

This is one of the young crowd happening nightclubs in Gangtok. Live music and thumping dance would give you the hype from the first second you step into this club. Each day, the club has unique types of events, gigs, and music.

The best time to visit this pub is from Thursday to Sunday. The nightclub offers open dance floor on these four days. Thursday and Friday also has live music events. Food is not something that would attract you here, but the staffs are lively and attentive.

You can find some glamorous cocktails at the bar and the balcony terrace offers hookahs too. If you want to enjoy everything at the same place, this is the best option.

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caf live loud

4. Home Ground sports bar

Location: Tara Palace on Nam Nang Road

If you are looking for a cheaper option, and yet want to enjoy a lively night, the Home Ground is a good way to mix both football and partying. The interior of the club is decorated with football legends’ portraits.

The best time to visit this club is during any major Football game. You can find like-minds together, enjoying the match with a cold beer.

 If you happen to visit the place when there are no matches, the place would be your cliché bar with foosball table, snooker, rock music, unique cocktails, and a relaxing ambience.

5. Club King B

Location: Mayur Hotel

The Club King B is a fairly new club in the city and yet, it has already gained popularity among pub-lovers with signature cocktails and lively music. The music, light, and food of this place are top-notch. You can find all types of crowd here.

Every Friday, the club celebrates theme nights. If you are a night owl, this is the best club to choose, as it is open until midnight. This club is now a famous relaxing spot for tourists and locals.

club king b

6. After Dark

Location: Paljor Stadium Road

If you are looking for nightlife with lively events, interesting food, and hype music, this is the ideal place for you to spend the night. This place is also the best fit if you are planning to spend the night with a large group of friends.

The club is open only on Fridays and weekends. Laid-back vibe, open-air dining, theme nights, and live music will step up your mood into party mode.

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7. Infinity Futsal

Location: Upper Tadong of Tadong

This club is ideally a sports bar. Since Football is quite famous among the local population, this club has taken advantage of that craze to create a football bar.

Although it is not the only sports bar in town, Infinity Futsal has created a niche. This is the right place to visit during Football matches. The place will be very lively during such games.

You can find interesting events like live rap session, cosplays, and others. The bar is also famous for its thin-crust pizza. This is an upscale bar, which might be hard to get in, sometimes. If you have a local friend who frequents this bar, it would be a great leverage.

infinity futsal

8. Mahjong Casino

Location: Lower Samdur Block in Ranipool

Nightlife is not just about partying. If you want to test your luck, Mahjong Casino is for those who want to try gambling. This is one of the major five-star casinos on the land, in India. You can play blackjack, poker, flush, roulette, and slot machines here.

The casino is built with a colonial architecture. The entry fee includes snacks, playing chips, buffet meal, and even a drive to MG Road. If you want to enjoy a high-end nightlife beyond budget, this is the best place to try.

9. X'cape

Location: Baluakani road of Sungava

The X'cape is the place to party with friends. The place has thumping music and ambience. The hip crowd always flocks here.

Thus, new experiences are guaranteed. The place also aces out in signature cocktails and dishes. The dance floor gets more energetic as time races towards midnight. This is the place to enjoy, socialize, and relax.

x cape

10. Casino Deltin Denzong

Location: Denzong Regency of Cherry Banks

This is the place to enjoy gambling as you gaze upon the Mt. Kanchenjunga. This casino is located 6000 feet above mean sea level. Enjoy your favorite card games, money wheel, and other casino games. Every day, many cash games take place here.

Every week, a major poker tournament is conducted. The second floor of this casino is for partying with dance floor, music, and a luxury lounge.

If you want to enjoy nightlife with both gambling and partying, this is the right destination.