Planning a Complete Chardham Yatra in Just 10 Days

Chardham pilgrimage is one of the most sacred and difficult religious circuits to undertake in India. To complete the Chardham circuit, pilgrims have to start at Yamunotri Dham (temple for Goddess Yamuna) and go on to Gangotri Dham (shrine for Goddess Ganga), Kedarnath (Jyotirlinga temple dedicated to Lord Shiva), and for the finale, the Badrinath temple (the temple for Lord Vishnu).

Coined by Adi Shankaracharya in 8th century, this circuit is a very stamina-demanding tour.

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Are you planning to take up this salvation trip in ten day? Here is a complete guide on How to Complete Char Dham Yatra in 10 Days

Choose the Right Time for the Chardham

If you are planning to complete the trip in ten days, you ought to choose the right timing. The best time to cover Chardham pilgrimage yatra is from May to November (avoid July to August). The most convenient time would be from May to June. September to November could be colder than you expect.

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Choose the Mode of Transportation

To choose the mode of transportation, you need to choose the point of departure first. Haridwar and Rishikesh are the two main departure points for Chardham. Usually, tourists prefer Haridwar.

However, Rishikesh is not a bad choice either. Haridwar and Rishikesh are just 23 km away from each other. There are two options for you to choose for the road routes. Yamunotri and Kedarnath have road route only to a certain extend and the other two destinations are well connected via road.

chardham atra by helicopter

The road route can be covered by government or private buses, or taxis. The most economic option is government bus. You can also find shared jeep up to certain distances. You can also book tour packages from any travel agent, who would book all required means of transportation based on your budget.

For the non-road routes, the most common option is trekking. Having a walking stick would help you with ascends. The same goes for a good pair of shoes. If you do not have the stamina to make through 14 km and 6 km trekking journeys, you can choose to hire ponies or palanquins.

Helicopters are also available to cover the complete yatra in just a couple of days.

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Itinerary for the 10 Days Yatra

Day 1: Reach the departure point

It is important to pace yourself and take it slow. You should retain your energy until the tenth day, if you wish to complete this trip. Reach Haridwar or Rishikesh on day one. If you are starting from Delhi, reach Haridwar via train or flight.

Reach Barkot from Haridwar. It is around 215 km away from Haridwar and a road trip will take 7 hours. Find a hotel in Barkot and stay for the night.

Day 2: Reach Yamunotri

Leave early in the morning to Janki Chatti. You can easily find buses and cabs from Barkot to Janki Chatti. Once you reach Janki Chatti, the road route halts. The remaining 6 km distance has to be covered by trekking or pony rides.

You will be walking along Phool Chati, Hanuman Chatti, and others. The trekking stops at Garam Kund, a hot water spring. Pilgrims should take a bath in the GaramKund before visiting the temple, which is very closer to the spring.

Apart from the temple, you can also find other pilgrimage sites like Surya Kund, Divya Shila, and others.

Return back to Barkot on the same day.

yamunotri temple

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Day 3: Reach Uttarkashi

Start early in the morning to reach Uttarkashi, which is 82 km away from Barkot. It would take 4 hours to reach Uttarkashi. Check into a hotel and rest for a while. You can also find other pilgrimage sites in Uttarkashi like Lord Vishwanath temple, Prakateshwar caves, and others.

Or, you can rest for the day. Overnight stay in Uttarkashi.

Day 4: Gangotri Dham

Start early in the morning to visit Gangotri temple. You can find buses and cabs to reach the temple with ease. After enjoying a holy dip and performing rituals, return back to Uttarkashi, on the same day.

gangotri temple

Day 5: Reach Guptkashi

Guptkashi is around 223 km away. It would take 10 hours to reach Guptkashi from Uttarkashi. Halt at Guptkashi and rest for the day. If you wish, you could explore Guptkashi and enjoy attractions like Chaukhamba Peak, Ardh Narishwar temple, Vishwanath temple, and others. Enjoy overnight stay in Guptkashi.

Since you would be embarking on a very long trekking route on the next day, it is best to take a considerable amount of rest.

Day 6: Reach Kedarnath Dham

Start from Guptkashi and trek to Kedarnath. You can find road transportation up to Gaurikund. From there, you can choose to trek, hire palanquin or take pony rides. It is a 14 km trek and you ought to brace yourself for it.

You can find many government accommodations and private lodgings closer to the temple. Halt for the day at any of those accommodations and stay overnight.


Day 7: Kedarnath Dham and Rudraprayag

Visit the Kedarnath temple early in the morning and trek back to Gaurikund. From there, take a road trip to Rudraprayag. It is 80 km away from Gaurikund and you would need at least 5 hours to reach Rudraprayag from Gaurikund. Rudraprayag is the base for Badrinath.

Halt at Rudraprayag for the day. Rest for the day or explore the region to enjoy the River Alaknanda, River Mandakini, and others.

Day 8: The last Dham – Badrinath

Start early in the morning from Rudraprayag to reach Badrinath. You can find road transportation to reach Badrinath temple. Take a holy dip at Tapt Kund before you visit Badrinath temple. Later, visit Narad Kund, Bhim Pul, Mata Murty temple, Vyas Gufa, Mana Village, and others. Stay back in Badrinath for the day.

You can find numerous accommodations in this region.

Day 9: Return to Rudraprayag

Travel back to Rudraprayag and rest for the day in the city.

Day 10: Departure

Return back to Haridwar and travel to Delhi. If you wish, you can start your travel to Haridwar on day nine. From Delhi, you can continue your journey, as you desire.

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