Delicious Rajasthani Desserts that you should Try

Rajasthan is the most popular city which inherits the lifestyle of the Rajputs. Be it an amazing palace, sacred pilgrimages or traditional handicrafts, Rajasthan got you covered. From exploring the shopping crafts to visiting unforgettable tourist destinations, nothing can beat this great city. Not just the tourist spots, Rajasthan is also famous for its delicious cuisine. The city is well known for its rich, spicy and unique flavors.

The great blend of nuts, ghee, and desserts give nutritional benefits. The sweet delicacy of the city ensures offering great meals experience. If you are planning to take a family tour, then don't forget to have these authentic dishes before leaving the city. The rich history, sacred pilgrimages, mesmerizing places, and adorable cuisine make the city more beautiful and invite visitors from all over the world. So, here are some of the top delicious foods of our city.


If you belong to North India, you might know about this dish. Unlike other usual desserts, Ghevar comes in varieties to induce the sweetness of the city. Ghevar doesn't take time to make as it is the most preferable sweet in home. There are different types of Ghevar available include Malai Ghevar, Mava Ghevar, Plain Ghevar, Rabri Ghevar, etc. The dish can be made more delicious by adding some cheese toppings and few vegetables.


As the name implies that this dish is popular among the Rajasthan deserts and is considered a special dish during festivals and pooja in the city. Dilkushar is best known as Mohanthal and Besan Ki chakki. The combination of ghee, besan flour, cardamom when roasting in the ghee makes this dish more delicious. If you want to have spicier, you can add toppings like ghee and almonds. Visitors are not recommended to leave Rajasthan before the dish touches their taste buds.

Chenna Malpua

Although Chenna Malpua is the regular dish, it can be offered in festivals and pooja. This delicious dish is made from the sweet combination of ghee, sugar, fresh paneer and some dried fruits for toppings. One bite of Chenna malpua is strong enough to enjoy the entire cusine of Rajasthan.


Have you ever tasted Balushahi? How does it taste? Yes, you cannot leave the restaurant if you have tasted this delicious dish once. It is the most popular North Indian dish which is made of yogurt and sugar. The mouthwatering sweet ball that is made of the maid, yogurt, and milk is dripped into the sugar syrup to ensure it tastes perfect. Balushahi can be taken in an empty stomach as it is high in calories. You can add this mouthwatering dish in the Breakfast to start your day fresh and energetic.


Although it is the common sweet of Rajasthan, the look and feel of Imarti is simply superb. Just one bite of Imarti will help you know the food style and cuisine of Rajasthan. This is easy and takes less time to prepare. Imarti is prepared by mixing the gram flour with pre-prepared materials and then dipping into the sweet syrup. Imarti be juicy inside yet dried out.

Mawa Kachori

Mawa Kachori is the best-known sweets in the city. The stuffing of nuts and mawa makes this dish more popular. It is the regular sweet and can be consumed daily. Mawa Kachori gives health benefits which induce their interest to taste more.

Churma Ladoo

The balls of Churma ladoo is made from jaggery, cardamom powder, milk, whole wheat flour, semolina, poppy seeds, etc. you can try a range of alternatives in the dish such as using gram flour instead of white one, using coconut or sesame seeds for toppings, etc. It is purely your dish and you can customize the dish as per your cooking needs.

Doodhiya Kheech

Doodhiya Kheech is made from the batter of sugar, saffron, wheat, milk, hulled wheat, nuts, and dried fruits. Since, it has the majority of Rajasthan nuts, people love preparing this. The strong flavor and mouth watering taste of this milk and white pudding leave your taste buds mesmerized. This is not surprising that Rajasthan is enjoying the Doodhiya Kheech during rainy and winter seasons.

Moong Dal Halwa

You might have enjoyed the basic version of wheat flour Halwa. It is the time to enjoy Moong Dal Halwa in Rajasthan. The nutritional value of moong dal and delicious taste of fried nuts and toppings of spicy ingredients could seduce many visitors to taste this. The deliciousness of this sweet is induced by adding toppings and garnishing of fried nuts like almonds, cashew. Moong Dal Halwa is the must-try dishes that you should taste it once in every while.

Dal Bati

Dal Bati is the local dish of Rajasthan. It takes less time and effort to prepare it and can be a regular dish. Since it is a heavy dish, you will feel your stomach full after having this. This adorable local dish is made of whole wheat flour and sugar. It is easy to digest, so you can add this in your breakfast.


Kadhi is the most popular dish of Rajasthan. Not just in Rajasthan, Kadhi is also being prepared in few states includes Uttarkhand, Punjab, Maharashtra. Kadhi is prepared from the batter of curd, ghee, and gram flour. Kadhi is very lightly sweet and easy to digest. It is best suited for rice & spicy potatoes. When you visit the city, don't forget this must-try dish.

Rajasthan is home to a variety of delicious and mouthwatering dishes. No matter where you are in Rajasthan, you should give your taste buds these dishes to get it mesmerized.