Top 20 Food Desserts of Jaipur, Rajasthan

Do not underestimate the cuisine of Jaipur. Just because it is in a desert state, it does not mean that it would have a mediocre cuisine. The cuisine of the land is much grander and creamier. To balance the reduced number of vegetation products due to the desert climate, Jaipur cuisine adds more important to animal products, nuts, and spices. This gives rise to numerous interesting and delicious desserts.

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This is a famous dish made during the monsoon season. This dish is made from wheat flour and semolina. The mixture is fried well in ghee, and milk with sugar is added to the mixture. The mixture is cooked until it becomes a semi-powdered thick dish. It is a standalone dessert or served with dal-bati.

Carrot Halwa

This is a dish made with shredded carrot, which is cooked until it smashes down to a creamy consistency. Then, sugar and milk cheese are added to it and fried in ghee until a sweet aroma of caramelized sugar along with the cheese fills the room. The dish is then slightly garnished with chopped dry fruits. It is sometimes served hot along with a side of vanilla ice cream or served cold.

Mawa Kachori

Kachori is a puffed pastry, which can be made both in savory and sweet styles in many states of North India. Mawa Kachori pastry has a stuffing made with milk cheese. The kachori is cooked in ghee until golden brown. While it is still hot, it is dipped in thick sugar syrup and garnished with chopped nuts, dried fruits, and others.


This is a sweet dish made from chickpea powder. The chickpea powder is cooked in ghee along with milk cheese and sugar. The mixture gets to a gooey consistency when the cooking is completed. The mixture is spread on a tray and garnished with nuts, dry fruits, and others. After an hour, the mixture hardens and is cut into any desired shape. This is a famous Diwali sweet of the region.


Gujiya is a coconut-based dish. A dough is made with all-purpose flour and is rolled into small circles. Inside, a mixture of coconut powder, raisins, and mawa (milk cheese) is placed and the circle is covered into a dumpling. This dumpling is fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup, while it is still hot. Based on the stuffing, there are numerous styles of Gujiya.

Green Gram halwa

Green gram or moong dal is a staple item in the cuisine. Halwa made with moong dal is a famous wedding dessert. The dal is soaked overnight and then blended until it becomes a thick creamy paste. This paste is fried until golden brown in ghee. On the side, sugar is boiled in water along with a pinch of cardamom. Once the sugar gets a slightly thick syrup consistency, the syrup is added to the dhal and cooked well. A generous amount of ghee is added to the dish. It is served with a garnishing of dry fruits and nuts.

Rabri Ghevar

Ghevar is famous throughout Rajasthan. However, it originated from the Jaipur region. This festival dish is made extensively during the Gangaur festival. This is a sweet cake, which is drenched in rabdi. Rabri is a topping made from thick evaporated milk sweetened with sugar and a large portion of nut mixture. After the cake is made, the rabdi is poured over the cake and served hot.


It is pronounced as pheni and is one of the traditional dishes of the region. This dish is specifically made during Makar Sankranti (January). The main ingredient of this dish is vermicelli, which is similar to spaghetti. The vermicelli is fried in ghee until it gets a golden brown tint and then while it is hot, it is dipped in sugar syrup and left to dry. This mixture is poured over hot milk and garnished with nuts and dried fruits.


It is pronounced as Gachak, this is a dessert, which can be made with different main ingredients. The most common version is the sesame seed (til) gajak. You can also find gajak made with peanuts. The main ingredient is cooked in sugar or jaggery syrup and ghee until it becomes a thick gooey consistency. It is then spread over in a thin sheet and left to dry. This sweet is crunchy and hard and is a good souvenir as its shelf life is several months.

Makkhan Bada

Makkhan means butter but, this dish has nothing to do with butter. It gets its name from its consistency, which melts in your mouth like butter. A dough is made with all-purpose flour seasoned with soda, curd, and ghee. The dough is mixed well and rolled into small balls with a dent in the middle, allowing it to cook consistently throughout the ball. The balls are fried in ghee. It is allowed to cool and then is dipped into the hot sugar syrup and left to dry after it is garnished with nuts, saffron, and others.

Coconut Barfi

This is a holi-specialty dish made with coconut powder, sugar syrup, cardamom, and dry fruit. The mixture is combined well and is flattened in a tray and left to dry. It is then cut into smaller pieces and served. Sometimes, the dish is made with jaggery instead of sugar.

Mawa Barfi

This is quite similar to the previous dish but, instead of coconut powder, mawa (milk cheese) is used. This is one of the most famous delicacies of Jaipur.

• Doodh Laddoo

This is a very common dessert found in almost all sweet shops. Doodh means milk. This dish is made with milk powder, sweetened condensed milk, and dry fruits. All the ingredients are mixed well with ghee and made into balls. Each maker decorates it in a different manner.

Gulaab Sakri

This is a dish made with milk cheese, condensed milk and flavoring items like cardamom and others. All the ingredients are cooked well in ghee and sugar until it gets to a thick consistency. The mixture is then poured into a tray and left to dry. The most common version of sakri is added saffron to get its authentic orange color.

Kulhad Lassi

Lassi is made by blending curd with milk until it gets to a thick liquid consistency. Rose syrup is added to flavor the drink. It is garnished with saffron and crushed nuts. The lassi is served in earthen cups, cold.


This would look similar to jalebi but, it has a quite richer taste. Urad dal is mixed with ghee and saffron to create a thick oozy batter. The batter is fried in different shapes in ghee. It is put into warm sugar syrup and left to gain size as it soaks in the syrup. This is a very famous street food dessert in Jaipur.


Shrikhand is very similar to lassi but, very thick and creamy. Cardamom and saffron are added for flavors and instead of curd, yogurt is used to get the creamy texture. This dish is served cold with lots of crushed nut over it.

Badam Halwa

Blanched and ground almond is cooked well with ghee and sugar until it comes to a chewy consistency. This is a very sticky dish and thus, a generous amount of ghee is added to avoid it sticking to the sides of the pan. It is served hot with nuts.

Rice Kheer

This dessert is usually made during the Janmashtami festival. This dish is a porridge made with rice milk, sugar, and cardamom. The milk and rice are cooked well and different combinations of flavoring and garnishing are added to create a pudding-styled dessert, which is served hot. If you order Rajasthan thali, most of the authentic hotels would add this dish as the dessert in thali.

Sohan Halwa

This dish has been in the cuisine since the Mughal reign. This dish is a traditional Gujarati dish, which took its roots towards Jaipur cuisine too. This dish is made with corn flour, condensed sweetened milk, milk, and flavoring items. The ingredients are fried in ghee and dried fruits and nuts are added to it to make it into small balls. This dish has been in Indian literature since the 17th century.

There are numerous street shops and market regions in Jaipur where you can find numerous traditional and gourmet desserts and sweet beverages. Do not just stick with the modern sweet shops. Try out authentic shops, where the dishes are made with traditional methods and recipes. For such shops, it is best to take up the Jaipur food tour, which would take you through numerous dishes of Jaipur along with dessert and savory items in just two hours.

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