Best Hotels to Stay in Agra

The heritage city of Agra is the only city that has three monuments rewarded as UNESCO World Heritage Monuments including the Taj Mahal, the symbol of eternal love of Shahjahan towards his wife, Mumtaz. The other two heritage monuments are the exotic Agra fort and Fatehpur Sikri. Apart from those, the tombs of great Mughal kings and dignitaries, the mausoleums, ancient gardens has made Agra a lover’s paradise, a layman’s oasis and a tribute to the world historians.

If you are planning a trip to Agra, do not miss all these things that Agra has to offer. But, what about the accommodation options in Agra?

Just like the plethora of places to see in Agra has a plethora of accommodation options to host the vast number of Indian and International tourists. But choosing the hotel that fits best according to your needs in locality and facility, is a daunting process. But we have simplified that task for you. Here in this article, we will give you an idea about the best luxury hotels and some other mid-range hotels in Agra for a comfortable stay.

Best Luxury Hotels in Agra

When we say Agra, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is Taj-Mahal. Visiting the Taj-Mahal is one thing while enjoying this beautiful marble mausoleum from a distance from your balcony is a different experience. The following luxury hotels will bring you a blend of architectural marvel, lavish facilities and a view of the grand Taj

1. Grand Imperial Heritage Hotel, Agra

Built in the 1900s, the exotic Grand Imperial Heritage hotel is the boutique hotel in Agra that is genuinely 100 years old. This grand facility is the result of a subtle blend of colonial Victorian architecture with the highly valued Mughlai style of construction. The hotel was first built as a colonial hotel for the British officers. Over the 100 years of its existence, the hotel has hosted a long list of dignitaries such as Lady Edwina Mountbatten, Prince Aga Khan, Dr. Rajendra Prasad- the first president of independent India and Jawaharlal Nehru- the first president of independent India.

The hotel contains 30 rooms including 15 royal suits (garden and pool view) and 15 deluxe suits (garden view) that bears the name of great kings, queens and princes of ancient India. The high ceiling, wide corridor rooms, decorated with antique furniture and exquisite paintings of Raja Ravi Verma will surely give a glimpse of the royal lifestyle of the kings. You will wake up to the blissful view of the manicured lawns of the extra-large pool in the morning. The hotel also organizes music ceremonies in the winter seasons for the visitor’s amusement. The outdoor pool and garden parties, private dinners in Mughlai Gazebos and the terrace restaurant with delicious, mouth-watering foods are another plus point of this grand hotel.

2. Oberoi Amarvillas, Agra

Are you seeking for a more romantic, fort-like hotel that is somehow close to the majesty of the Taj-Mahal itself? Then Oberoi Amarvillas is the perfect choice for you and your family. It was the first hotel in India that was built like a palace to bring the old royal vibe of staying. The expansive rooms are wooden floored with a king-size bed, floor-to-ceiling windows for the perfect view of the Taj. Imagine a candle-lit dinner in your private terrace under the millions of stars with the moonlight shimmering on the white marbles of the Taj-Mahal!! You surely won’t want to miss such a romantic time with your loved one! The best part of the hotel is that you can watch the marble mausoleum changing colours as the day progresses.

The Oberoi Amarvillas hotel was in the 3rd position of top resorts of Asia in 2015. As for your kids, the hotel organizes several programs and activities to keep them busy during the day. The Junior Chef and Little Bartender programs are excellent opportunities to showcase the talents of your little ones. In the food section, the hotel has two restaurants with an excellent range of food choices. If you are thinking about getting some drink, then the large lounge will serve you tea, or you can head to the bar for a sip of wine or whisky.

3. Jaypee Palace Hotel and Convention Centre, Agra

This is another excellent hotel in Agra with excellent facilities and around the clock services. It has the added benefit of having the fully-fledged convention centre to hold the crucial meetings. The hotel is a perfect choice if you want to deal with your work while enjoying a holiday to the ancient Mughal monuments during the day. The grand hotel that spreads over 25 acres of land amid the green landscape is a mix of red sandstone and marble - an ingenious example of architecture.

The 341 well-built rooms will serve you with a cosy and comfortable stay after you come back from the eventful day around the city. The luxury hotel has brought well-maintained swimming pools, spa, Jacuzzi and Ayurveda centre at your service. The restaurant section is undoubtedly a highlight for every visitor’s stay in Agra. It has seven different restaurants, each having a speciality in a particular kind of food. You will need to add an extra day to your Agra itinerary to serve your test buds with this delicious food range.

4. ITC Mughal, Agra

ITC Mughal is the proud winner of the prestigious Aga Khan Award for its extraordinary effort in conservation and representation of Mughal architecture. It is a hotel that has found the perfect balance between ancient elegance and the comfort of the 21st century. Spread over 24 acres of lush gardens, the ITC Mughal Hotel in Agra contains 233 opulent rooms with all the facilities you can think of for your convenience. Take a culinary break in the Peshawari restaurant or a spa break in the royal Kaya Kalp spa to revitalize your mind and your body. It is your opportunity to enjoy the royal hospitality that once upon a time, only the kings were lucky enough to get.

Best Mid-range Hotels in Agra

An extravagant bill will inevitably accompany all the four options that we have talked about so far. If you want to cut your expenses a little bit, without compromising much of the facilities, then head to one of the following hotels:

1. Crystal Sarovar Premiere

It is one of the few affordable five-star hotels in Agra region. There are five different types of rooms in this hotel, two of which will give you the magnificent Taj-view. The hotel is equipped with all the modern facilities such as a fitness centre, swimming pool, spa services and so on. The kid’s activity area will surely lift the spirit of your small ones.

2. Hotel Taj Resort

This hotel is located less than a mile away from the Taj Mahal. Equipped with a rooftop pool and restaurant, this affordable yet luxury hotel has 34 fully equipped rooms with all the necessary amenities. The hotel also provides guided tours in Agra and shuttle services to the airport.

3. Grand Hotel

This hotel has three types of hotel rooms with all the amenities to give you a comfortable and much-needed getaway from the hustle of the city. The multi-cuisine restaurant “Chahat” is the highlight of the hotel. It also has banquet halls, conference halls and meeting halls under its umbrella.

You will find many other accommodation options in Agra according to your requirements. However, it is advisable to pre-book your stay in these hotels as they get full due to the vast number of tourists. Book one of the hotels mentioned above and enjoy a hustle-free stay in Agra.