How to Experience the Best of Jaipur in Just 48 Hours

Say, you have just two days to spare and you are looking for spending time in one of the most vibrant cities for a holistic vacation in just 2 days. Most of the avid travelers would advise you to choose Jaipur. How to enjoy Jaipur in 48 hours?

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From Airport to Hotel

Remember that time is of the essence here. You cannot spend a few hours choosing a hotel after entering Jaipur. There are numerous hotels, which provide online booking. You can book tickets prior to your vacation. From the airport, you can find pre-paid taxis to take you to your hotel. Many hotels provide airport shuttle services too. It is better to choose any hotel closer to the heart of the city. This helps in saving a considerable amount of time travelling to sightseeing spots and other activities.

Sample Itinerary

It is very wise to book packages that would cover important destinations in Jaipur. This will help you save time in transportation and avoid confusion. A complete tour package from a reputed service provider would be holistic in nature, covering as many attractions and cultural beauties of the land within 48 hours.

Suggested Tour Packages:

Day One:

Start with architectural sightseeing. You can cover Jantar Mantar, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, and other architectural beauties before the evening. While you are in the heart of the city, make sure to enjoy the authentic cuisine of the land. You can find many street food vendors along the market regions. If possible, take up the Jaipur food tour to enjoy all the taste palate of the city..

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If you are into a cultural holiday, visit Chokhi Dhani, which 28 km away from Jaipur. You can find many cultural performances, activities, games and other entertainment features here. Return back to your hotel and stay overnight in the hotel.

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Day Two:

After breakfast, make sure to visit Amber Fort by 9 am to get a chance to ride on the elephant, towards the fort. The sightseeing would take a couple of hours. Visit Nahargarh Fort closer to the Amer Fort. If desired, enjoy a luxury lunch inside Amer Fort.

Take rest and visit the market regions for souvenir hunting and cultural sightseeing before you get back to your hotel for rest.

Suggested Tour Packages:

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Sample Itinerary for Animal Lovers

Day One:

Stick with architectural marvels in the morning, food tour in the afternoon. If you desire, you can visit Amer Fort in the evening or, stick with Chokhi Dhani.

Day Two:

Take up the elephant tour, which starts at 10 in the morning. You would be taken to the Elephant sanctuary to enjoy playing with them, bathing and eating them. Take a small ride on the elephant before fresh lunch. The trip ends by afternoon. After a short rest, you can visit the market regions for shopping and souvenir hunting.

Tips for covering Jaipur in 48 hours

  • Rent a cab for your entire stay. It is more time consuming and costlier to find cabs at each destination.
  • Make a list of all the important destinations you want to cover, create a plan and then start sightseeing. The better option would be to find a suitable tour package from any reputed service provider.
  • Make sure to spend considerable time at each monument. There is no point in rushing through attractions without enjoying it.
  • The best option to enjoy as many traditional delicacies and dishes as possible is by choosing the Rajasthan thali.

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