10 Indian Holiday Destinations Alternatives of International Wonders

There are so many untouched and unseen beauties in India itself that we are still not aware of. You can save more money for this year by planning for the best India holiday destination instead of international wonders. Wondering how? Well, here is the list of some of the best things that you can plan out with your family and friends.

They are quite marvelous because of the lovely people's incredible scenery, some of the mind-blowing activities and mouth relishing food that you may not find elsewhere.

Have a look at some of the best holiday destinations Alternatives of International Wonders.

1. The famous Niagara Falls or the majestic Athirapilly falls

This probably can be a tough call. Of course, you should plan out for Niagara Falls at least once in your lifetime. But fore that you can plan out and save money for watching the majestic Athirapilly falls. This falls is located in Kerala and is said to be one of the amazing places which are all rounded by lush forests. The abundance of wildlife is what makes this popular.

Besides, this majestic fall stretches around 330 feet and is said to be quite the best one which you must explore. The place can be visited anytime but during the winter season which is from November to January you can plan out for the trip. This place surely should not disappoint you.

Besides, you can explore other corners of Kerala too when you are here.

famous falls

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2. Antelope Valley of Flowers and Uttarakhand’s Valley of Flowers

Valley of flowers - the name itself suggests that what you are planning to see is seasonal and it is very rare. Besides the maintenance and care which people do during their growth path is simply beautiful.

If you are planning to visit USA’s Antelope Valley of Flowers t6hen probably, you must plan for Uttarakhand’s Valley of Flowers before. This seasonal surprise will give you the most incredible and cherishing time with your loved one. The warm breeze can be replaced with the winter chills but the blanket on the hillside is simply wow.

In India, the best time to visit this place is from July to August when morethan 50 of varieties of flower carpet are noted too. Besides, the asters and wild roses are quite enough to hold your breath too.

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3. The Sahara Desert and the equally dramatic Thar Desert

If you love the idea of traveling on the dessert corners the probably you must also plan a trip of surfing to India’s gold Sand called Thar dessert. The place is known to be the shades of brown where you will simply have an incredible experience. There are many Bollywood shootings of the films conducted.

The place is best to enjoy the exotic camel safari ride too while enjoying the breathtaking sunset across the dunes


4. The diving paradise Thailand and equally adventurous Lakshadweep

For adventure lovers, this is the best thing that can be planned. If you are all done with exploring historical places then it is time to unleash the beauty of Tropical Island.

But this time it should not be the diving paradise Thailand but adventurousLakshadweep. The real attraction of this place is underwater and the unspoiled coral reefs and rich marine life is what makes this place unique in its way.

5. The salt flats in Utah with the stunning Rann of Kutch

Before you even think of planning for the most unforgettable places like Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA, you can always plan out for the mind-blowing Rann of Kutch. The place is popular for the endless dessert which takes straight to the horizon. It is said to be a seasonal island wherein the edges are Gulf of Kutch and Little Ranns.

Often, a tourist plan for a visit to this place because of the rann festival is conducted here each year.

However, just the way Salt crystals shine like diamonds under the heating sun, you can find this stunning Rann of Kutch shining too under the blushing glow of the moon which is worth to watch and cherish later.

salt flats

6. The Peaceful beaches of Brazil and Goa

If you are a beach lover the probably before you head to Brazil it is time that you think of some other great option. This probably here can be captivating beaches of Goa. You can always look for incredible destinations like Brail where beaches and water sports activities are in abundance.

But Goa is one of the must-visit places, especially with your friends. The place is close to many states and is said to have the sandy beaches packed shacks that have live music and a great atmosphere too.

This is also said to be the perfect seaside getaway wherein most of the people often plan out for a trip from October to January. If you are planning to visit in the same duration then make sure you do the bookings well in advance as the addiction of merriment and the sense of revelry which this place offers has always been the attention of many people.

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7. The floating markets of Bangkok and Srinagar's Dal Lake

If you plan to visit the floating market of Bangkok then before then you can have a look at the floating market of Srinagar. The floating market is known for souvenirs and vegetables. Besides, it is also popular for a Shikara ride and a houseboat stay.

For honeymooners, this place is quite an alike heaven and can give you the most relaxing time far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

floating markets

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8. The beauty of Switzerland or The paradise on earth Gulmarg

If greenery with the blanket of snow is the concept of traveling that you prefer the most then probably you must soon be planning for Switzerland.

But hang on, there is always the most amazing place that you can plan out before and which is picture-postcard beauty of lakes heading to Gulmarg. This is a popular mountain gateway of India which is all greenery in summer while in winter you shall be witness snowfall.

It is now time to wrap up your bag and head to the incredible beauty of some of the untouched holiday destinations in Indiathat are cheap and worth to visit. You can plan for a solo trip to have fun exploring them with your loved ones. India is a rich country of nature and you must explore every bit of it before you plan out for the international wonders.

Quick Tips for Successful Trip

Before we take you to some of the best Indian holiday destinations, here are few of things that you might want to do such as:

  • Plan for the trip 3 months in advance so that you can save more on booking the flights and hotels.
  • It is always better to pack the bags and clothes as per the climate. But don’t forget to carry your first aid kit and all the basic accessories that you shall often need during traveling.
  • Always have cash handy. Because even if ATM’ might be available but that does not necessarily mean they will have cash loaded in the machine.