Most Interesting Facts About Asia

Do you know that Asia has an area larger than the moon? There is a lot about Asia which is more beautiful and unique than you would have ever imagined. Here are some of the most interesting facts you would love to read about Asia.

Continent of 48 Countries

Asia holds 48 countries within its boundaries, which are recognized by the United Nations. This excludes Palestine, which is considered as an Observer State, by the UN. Among those 48 countries, two countries share their area in both Asia and Europe (Russia and Turkey).

Population of more than 4.4 billion people

The continent has the world’s first and second most populated countries, namely China and India. China’s population is more than the total population in South America, North America, New Zealand, Australia, and western Europe, all combined. Shanghai is the largest populated city in the world, whose population is more than the population of Canada ( a large country).

About 60% of the world population lives in Asia and the population still continues to grow. The total continent has 4.46 billion people and 2.6 billion people live in India and China (2 out of 48 countries).

Most Popular Attractions in Asia

Asia has two world wonders of the world namely, the Taj Mahal of India and the Great Wall of China. The world’s longest festival is the Rann Utsav of India, which is celebrated for two months straight. The festival with the largest audience is Kumbha Mela, India. The gathering was so large that it was detected in the satellite images of the world.

Largest continuous sandy desert (Arabian Desert) largest lake (Baikal Lake), largest peninsula (Arabian Peninsula) and largest river (Yangtze River) are located in Asia. The deepest trench in the world, the Mariana Trench is located closer to the Philippines, in the Indian Ocean. The world’s highest railway route (China-Tibet), the longest platform (Gorakhpur, India), and the longest train route (Trans-Siberian railway) are located in Asia.

Top tourist destinations in Asia are Chiang Mai of Thailand, Penang of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand islands, Siem Reap of Cambodia, Beijing of China, Bali of Indonesia, Rajasthan of India, Tokyo of Japan.

Top monuments to visit in Asia are Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Taj Mahal of India, Great Wall of China, Wat Pho of Bangkok, Fushimi Shrine of Japan, Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysia, Shwedagon Pagoda of Myanmar, Grand Palace of Bangkok, Amber Fort of India, Cu Chi tunnels of Vietnam.

Largest Continent on the Planet

Covering more than 45 million square kilometers in area, this continent holds more than 4 billion people. This is the largest continent in the world. More than 60% of the world population lives in Asia. The largest country in the world is China and it passes through five different time zones. However, for the sake of ease, it has one standard time zone throughout the country.

7 out of the ten largest countries in the world are located in this continent. Asia is separated from North America by the Berling Strait. If Berling Strait freezes, one can walk from Asia to North America. Geographically speaking, Asia and Europe are not separated by waterbody and is one single landmass called Eurasia, supercontinent.

Asia has the Highest Number of Billionaires

Asia has some of the fastest-growing economies in the world. China has more billionaires than in America. On the other hand, the world’s third-largest slum is located in Asia (Dharavi, India).

Home of the Highest Mountains in the World

The continent has the tallest mountain in the world, Himalayas, which lies on the border of China and Nepal. The highest point in the world is located in Asia, Mount Everest at 8,848 m above the mean sea level and the lowest point of the world is also located on this continent. The Dead Sea is located at - 395 m below mean sea level.

14 of the top tallest mountains in the world are located in Asia and the world’s top three highest mountain passes, which can be scaled on a vehicle are located in Asia.

Insects are delicacies in many Asian countries

Many Asian countries consider insects to be a delicacy. You can find silkworm, scorpion, snake, crickets and many other insects on the menu. Top insects to try areSilkworm in Korea, Baby grasshopper in Japan, Tarantula in Cambodia, Giant water bug in Thailand, Ant egg in Thailand and Cambodia, Bee and wasp in Japan, Cockroaches in China, Bamboo worms in Thailand and Centipede – Beijing

More than 500 million Buddhists live in Asia

Asia has the largest number of Buddhists in the world. There are around 500 million Buddhists in the continent. However, this is not the most spread religion of the continent as there are more number of Hindus and Muslims than Buddhists.The largest Buddhist temple is located in Indonesia.

Asia is a female name

The name ‘Asia’ means sunrise. According to the Quran, Asia is the name of the wife of the Pharaoh, who raised Moses. According to Greek mythology, the mother of Atlas is Asia.

14th Dalai Lama is the longest living religious head

The current Dalai Lama is the 14th Dalai Lama. He is 84 years old is the longest living Dalai Lama ever. He was recognized as the next Dalai Lama when he was just two years. He started the monastic education (ancient Indian styled education) when he was six.

Japan holds the longest average life expectancy

The life expectancy of Japanese people is 84.2, making it the world’s longest life expectancy. More than 50,000 people in Japan are more than 100 years old. The average life expectancy of a male is 80.9 years and the average life expectancy of women in Japan is 86.4 years.

Many of the world’s tallest buildings are in Asia

The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai, Asia. Other notable tall buildings in the continent are Tokyo Skytree, Shanghai Tower, Abraj Al-Bait clock tower, Taipei 101 and others.

Biodiversity at its peak

There are eleven different time zones in the continent and it has a diverse landscape starting from the arctic regions of Siberia to the deserts of the Middle East.Asia holds the largest number of animals within its boundaries. This includes some of the most dangerous snakes, wild elephants, snow leopards, one-horned white rhino, tigers, monkeys and so on. Asia is home to many endangered animals like the orangutan, Chinese river dolphin, one-horn rhino and others.

The largest flower in the world, Rafflesia is found in South East Asia. It is Indonesia’s state flower.The world’s smallest mammal, bumblebee bat belongs to Western Thailand. Asia is also home to the largest number of venomous snake species. Top species of snakes found in the continent are King Cobra, Saw-scaled viper, common Indian Krait and others.