Kinnaur- The Land of Apples and Gods

Himachal Pradesh, the exact definition of natural beauty, is a great destination to explore. Undoubtedly, in Himachal Pradesh, you will become the witness of commendable flora and fauna. In addition to it, whenever you get the chance to explore Himachal Pradesh, then do not forget to visit Kinnaur.

It is also known as the land of Apples and Gods. Along with it, you will not only get the mouth watering apples but also get the chance to explore the natural beauty of orchards. In addition to that, Kinnaur is the ideal place for doing adventure activities. The ice-capped mountain will surely make a place in your heart.

Kinnaur History

Kinnaur was earlier a neighborhood of erstwhile Chini Tehsil in Mahasu District. Later it went on to become a separate district on 1 May 1960. It had been a neighborhood of Bushahr principality and had Kamru as its capital. there's no historical document of the Kinnaur region.

Chitkul Kinnaur

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Kinnaur, thanks to its high elevation, experiences a really moderate climate. The winters seem to be longer from October to May and summer lasts from June to September. The region experiences slight monsoon rains in Sutlej and Baspa valleys. Baspa valley witnesses the very best rainfall in July. they're considered as arid regions and witness climate almost like Tibet and Central Asian countries.

Fun fact! A study done by IIT Delhi in 2016 said that Kinnaur has the cleanest air within the country. So all those looking from fresh air with favorable weather and a tough getaway from the pollution, Kinnaur can certainly assist you bring peace in life.

Some parts of Kinnaur Valley lie within the high altitudes of Himalaya of Himachal Pradesh where the vegetation is extremely meager and mostly consists of hardy grasses.

  • In the Mid-Kinnaur region, species like Juniper (shrubs), Pine, Firs (evergreen coniferous trees), Cypress, Rhododendron (woody plants) are found within the altitudes between 3,500 and 5,000 meters.
  • In the lower altitudes, trees of temperate climates are found like Oak, Chestnut, Maple, Birch, Apple, Apricot and lots of others.
  • The commonest fauna species reared are Yaks and Dzos by farmers. Himalayan Black bears and little Ponies are found here.
  • Kinnaur valley has something to supply in most of the seasons apart from the season which is dangerous and not advisable.

Top Places to Explore in Kinnaur


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Kalpa: Located in the Sutlej River Valley, this spot is the spot to discover your tranquility and quiet. Known for its wonderful sanctuaries and cloisters, it is likewise renowned for its apple plantations. The heavenly Kinnaur-Kailash range that can be seen across the Sutlej River makes it significant. An early morning walk is suggested here.

Reckong PeoThis spot is the central command of Kinnaur area. Some significant attractions here incorporate apple plantations, Pine trees, and deodars. The two extraordinary marvels of the Himalayas that are Kailash Parvat and Shivalinga rock can be seen from here.

Sarahan: Very picturesque, this spot draws out the voyager in you. Go for a stroll through its perpetual woods and valleys.

Nako: Known as 'place where there is fantasies' this spot is encircled by heaps of plant life and is home to a wide range of uncommon species. It is situated among Kinnaur and Spiti valley thus, en route to Spiti, one can plan to visit Nako. It is situated at a height of 3,600 meters. This spot is amazingly near the Tibetan boundary that is the reason certain grant and section expenses are likewise charged here.

Moorang: The awesome Apricot plantations which are bountiful give us a splendid view. There is an old fortress worked by Pandavas that can be a decent spot to take a load off. This spot is home to Black lager, earthy colored bear and musk deer.

Best Time to Visit Kinnaur Valley

kinnaur himachal pradesh

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This is the time when the snow starts melting and therefore the spring brings the newly blooming flowers to the apple orchards. This is often the simplest time and may be a treat to the eyes because the entire valley is crammed with vibrant flowers making it a gorgeous landscape on the Himalayas. It's also a time to ascertain the snow-laden peaks of the Kinnaur region. The roads to Chitkul open within the second week of March. This is often mostly an off-season as people don’t visit here until May.


The months of May and June are the height season that goes up to mid-July. This is often the simplest time to travel on a road trip from Manali to Spiti valley and this is the rationale people choose this season because Spiti valley may be a major attraction. All the sight-seeing places in Kinnaur open up during this time , so people that want to go as a tourist can choose these months. Get some fresh air within the unbearable scorching heat during summers.

 August or Monsoon

Full-fledged monsoon starts in August and since the entire region becomes so susceptible to landslides, one must completely avoid going for a visit during monsoons. This point of the year experiences many landslides and these natural calamities can't be predicted or avoided. It's also the season for apples to grow, so crop transportation sometimes creates traffic jams and it is often quite risky to be traveling with an important loaded vehicle.


This is the time to enjoy a satisfying road trip within the Kinnaur valley because the monsoon goes and pre-winter or autumn or fall sets in. This makes the roads beautiful, covered with leaves and flowers alongside freshness within the air. it's blooming with orange leaves on trees along the roadside and makes your road trip ever more mesmerizing. This point of the year isn't for snow lovers as most of the snow melts by this point .


It is the time when winter begins and is the time for closure of the valley because it experiences heavy snowfall and no tourists are allowed to travel. Chitkul and Sangla roads are packed up for 4 months. If one wants to enjoy the winters, visit Kalpa.

How To Reach Kinnaur

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Kinnaur is a valley situated in the territory of Himachal Pradesh. It is associated by street to significant urban areas like Dehradun and Shimla. It doesn't have an air terminal or rail availability. Here is how to arrive at Kinnaur.

  • Via Air -The closest air terminal is at Shimla, around 267 km from Kalpa. Shimla air terminal is associated with Delhi and Kullu. Taxicabs are effectively accessible from Shimla to Kinnaur.
  • Via Train -The closest rail station is Shimla, and it is around 244 km from Kinnaur, but this railway station is not directly connected with major cities like Delhi. So first you need to reach at Kalka railway station then move ahead from Kalka to Shimla By train. You can find many train options to reach Kalka to Shimla.
  • Via Road -Day-by-day transports and customary taxi administrations are accessible from Shimla and Rampur to Kinnaur. You can likewise arrive at Kinnaur from Lahaul and Spiti. In any case, Malling Nullah close to Nako on the course is avalanche inclined.

What to Eat in Kinnaur

Kinnaur foods

When you explore Kinnaur then you will never find any shortage of restaurants and hotels. In addition to it, you can try their prominent dishes and add some flavor to your trip to Kinnaur. You can search about numerous prominent restaurants of Kinnaur. Further, you can consider the famous restaurant of Kinnaur and try their prominent dishes.

In addition to it, here is the list of some information that you keep in your mind if you are foodie and curious to know about the food culture of Kinnaur.

Wheat, Ogla, barley, peas, black peas and other similar things come under the common food habits of people in Kinnaur. Non vegetarians eat goat and ram's meat, sipping alcohol in daily routine and occasions is also a common affair here. Your trip to Kinnaur is incomplete if you won't munch in the world famous red apples grown here and drink a glassful of "cha", a salted tea known to refresh the soul.

In the end, these are some things & travel guide that you want to know about the Kinnaur. It is a lavishing place to explore. In addition to that, you have the chance to visit this place with your friends and family. So, visit this place as soon as possible.