No Visa Requirement for Indians to Enter Brazil

In their latest announcement, Brazil has dropped visa requirements for Indian and Chinese citizens. Brazilian President Jair Bolsorano has given this statement in a meeting with World Business leaders in China. Earlier, on the 17th of June 2019, Brazil did the same for four developed countries- USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. The citizens of this country can now travel to Brazil without a visa for 90 days, which can further be stretched up to another 90 days.

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Visa Waiver for Indian Tourist

At United Nations General Assembly in New York, in the month of September, Bolsonaro mentioned his intention to include India and China under the policy. Then, the Brazil Government posted about the announcement on their official website on 25th of October. After the declaration, Indians visitors do not need any visa to enter Brazil.

Visit Brazil without Visa

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The natural beauty and the cultural diversity of Brazil are the reasons which have drawn tourists to this country for years now. The Brazilian Government believes that these new policies will grow tourism substantially which in the long term will boost their economic growth. This implementation may now open a vast opportunity for generating much more revenue from the tourism sector. People visiting the nation for business purposes do not require a visa either.

Indian Visas for Brazilian Nationals

However, this policy is not reciprocal in nature. The listed countries have kept their visa rules intact for Brazilians. For example, Brazilians are eligible for E-Visa to enter India. Indian Embassy in Brasilia takes care of it. The E-Visa is available in five categories: e-Tourist, e-Business, e-Medical visa, e-Medical Attendant and e-Conference.

By allowing developing countries to travel in Brazil visa-free, the government is tapping into the south-asian market of potential tourists. These two countries, China and India, are also the most populated. As Indian visitors do not need visa to enter Brazil, so, they might just get a chance to gather a large number of tourists in their country.

Whatever the reason is, it's a win-win situation for Indian nationals. The no-visa travel can last for 90 days, and can be extended for another 90 days.

No paperwork, No struggle. So, what is the wait for? Pack up and utilize this opportunity.