10 Best Places to Visit Near Mumbai International Airport

Mumbai city is the dream capital of the country and a financial storehouse. This city is the land of Bollywood. Starting from nightlife to cultural celebrations, Mumbai is a holistic location. Apart from tourism activities and business activities, Mumbai is home to many millionaires. With all this information, it is not hard to believe that Mumbai international airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. The airport (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport) is 12 km away from the heart of the city. This does not mean that you are away from tourist attractions. There are numerous important sites to enjoy closer to the international airport.

1. Kanheri Caves

Kanheri Bhaja CavesDistance from International Airport : 3.8 km

Type of Attraction : Heritage Sightseeing

Kanheri Caves is a collection of rock-cut caves with Buddhist sculptures, inscriptions, carvings, paintings, and others, which were made between the 1st century BC and 10th century BC. There are more than 109 caves here but, only a handful have interesting sculptures and heritage elements. This is an important heritage site of the land if you wish to enjoy the historic beauty of Mumbai.

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2. Juhu beach

Juhu BeachDistance from International Airport : 6 km

Type of Attraction :> Beach Activities

Juhu beach is famous for its laid-back look. You can watch people exercising, cycling and enjoying other activities. If you visit in the evening, the way towards the beach will be filled with food vendors selling street food of Mumbai. This is the best place to enjoy a serene solitude time. Walk along the beach to spot statues of prominent freedom fighters of the country.

3. Snow World

Distance from International Airport : 6.8 km

Type of Attraction : Snow Theme Park

This is an entertainment area if you are looking for a snow-themed park. If you are visiting in summer, this would be an apt place to rewind and relax from the scorching sun. It is located inside Phoenix Market City and you can enjoy all kinds of snow and ice activities here like snowball throwing, ice sledging, snow sliding, ice skating, and even snowfall. The temperature is set at -10 degree C in this park and you can find numerous themed activities here. If you are traveling with kids, you ought to visit this themed park.

4. Mahakali caves

Distance from International Airport : 7.4 km

Type of Attraction : Heritage Sightseeing

This is a collection of 19 rock-cut caves filled with monuments, which were built around 1st BC and 6th BC. The monuments inside these caves belong Buddhist community. There are two sets of caves here and most of the caves are assumed to be resting place for monks and Buddhist pilgrimage travelers. The south-east set of caves has numerous sculptures, relief, inscriptions, and cisterns. You can find numerous statues in Cave 9, which is the largest of this group.

5. ISKCON Temple Juhu (Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari Ji temple)

Distance from International Airport : 7.8 km

Type of Attraction : Pilgrimage Site

If you are visiting Juhu beach, you ought to visit this temple too. This is one of the most beautiful and modern styled Krishna temples in the country. Built during the 1970s, this seven-story structure had a marble temple, restaurant, auditorium, guest house, and many others. Later, bakery, library, meditation halls, and many others were erected. You can take part in Vedic education, yoga and other spiritual workshops inside the complex. There is a large section filled with memorabilia of spiritual guide, Swami Prabhupada. You can also buy spiritual souvenirs from the boutique inside the temple. Visit during any religious celebrations to enjoy many unique rituals.

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6. Powai Lake

Distance from International Airport : 9 km

Type of Attraction : Birdwatching

This artificial lake was built at the end of the 18th century by the British. This lake is the best place for photography, serene romantic outing and one of the best sunset view spots. The best of all attractions in this region is the birdlife. If you visit during winter, you can spot many exotic birds here like brahminy kite, kingfisher, purple-rumped sunbird, spotted dove and so on. If you visit after sunset, you can watch the colorful skyline of the city from the lake.

7. Bandstand Promenade

Distance from International Airport : 12 km

Type of Attraction : Cultural Sightseeing

This is a one-kilometer walkway along the Arabian Sea. This is an important destination for festivals and cultural events. If you are visiting on any Sunday, you can watch jam sessions. Along this walkway, you will spot the Mount Mary Church on a small hillock overlooking the sea. It is an important pilgrimage destination, especially during Christian festivals. There are numerous other attractions, shopping areas and architectural beauties around this region.

8. Bandra Fort

Distance from International Airport : 14 km

Type of Attraction : Architectural Sightseeing

This fort was a watchtower built in the 17th century by the Portuguese. It is also called the Castella de Aguada. This watchtower overlooks the Arabian Sea, Mahim Bay, and Mahim Island. It is one of the important picnic spots among travelers, today. Walk around the fort and explore the remaining architectural elements of the fort. Get to the top of the fort to enjoy a grand view of the sea, bay and the island.

9. Nehru Science Center

Distance from International Airport : 15.9 km

Type of Attraction : Educational Science Center

This is India’s largest interactive styled science center. This center is famous for light and sight exhibition, Science park, science exhibits, and many others. This center holds more than 500 science projects from different genres. You can also find a collection of artifacts related to science and technology.

10. Worli Sea Face

Distance from International Airport : 16 km

Type of Attraction : Architectural Sightseeing and Cultural Activities

This is a cultural hotspot with many eminent attractions like Worli Fort, Haji Al Dargah, Siddhivinayak temple and others. The top attraction of this region is to drive along the long road running parallel to the velvety Arabian Sea. This place has been an important shooting spot for many Bollywood movies and you can experience why.

Are you planning to visit any of these attractions right before boarding your flight? Make sure to plan ahead keeping the traffic in mind. Mumbai has a well-connected road system but, the traffic on the roads is overwhelming, especially during peak hours of weekdays.