Interesting Reasons Why Bhutan is the Happiest Country

Bhutan is tagged by many as the happiest country on the face of earth. This is not just a tourism slogan for attracting people. According to UN’s happiness report, Bhutan ranks first. Do you want to know why? The reasons given by locals and experts are numerous and here are the interesting and top reasons.

A Range of Festival

Bhutan's 2/3rd of the population is Buddhist. Thus, you can find numerous annual festivals, which are Tshechus. The Tshechus are traditional Buddhism festivals and religious events, which are conducted by Drukpa Lineage of Kagyu School. Each district of this country will celebrate one festival per year (on the tenth day of the month, according to local lunar calendar). Each month, a Tshechu is celebrated at one district.

Apart from this monthly celebration, you can find other Buddhist festivals, Bhutan festivals, native celebrations, and much more. Every now and then, the locals have numerous reasons to get together, celebrate and enjoy the culture. With these many festivals, happiness is always in the air.

A range of festival bhutan

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A Balanced Diet

Food is an important aspect of your physical and mental health. You cannot expect a starving man to be happy. Bhutan's cuisine is healthy, holistic, and tasty. The national dish of this region is Ema Datshi and not just the national dish, every single delicacy in the cuisine is healthy and nutritious.

No Jams

A huge chunk of the world population loses their cool during the morning traffic. Bhutan does not have traffic jams, even on weekdays. The streets are not crowded and you cannot find traffic signals here. Vehicles stop at the zero crossing for the pedestrian to cross.

A traffic police is enough to handle even the busiest times in this country. In simple terms, no one is in a hurry and no one cuts the lane, and no stress.

Natural Beauty

Bhutan is called the Himalayan Kingdom. The place is filled with lush forest, carpeted valleys, vibrant flowers, and much more, thanks to the cliché Himalayan climate.

Apart from these, the land is fertile with numerous rivers and lakes, which leads to a prosperous agricultural wealth. Bhutan people are always covered in mesmerizing beauty of nature.

nature beauty of bhutan

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Spiritual Element

Buddhism signifies on cherishing minimalistic life and letting go off desires. Buddhism is the prime religion of Bhutan and with a strong spiritual hold; people lead a religious, disciple, and healthy life. This strong code of conduct brings peace, which brings in happiness.

Low Pollution

With no traffic and the lush forest beauties, Bhutan has an exceptionally low pollution. Do you know that more than 70% of Bhutan is filled with forest? The old and new generation are working together to keep this rich balance of nature strong and this by itself makes Bhutan, the best place on earth to live.

bhutan nature

The most significant reason for the happiness in Bhutan is the strength of ancient traditions. Unlike most of the other countries, Bhutan did not give into the western culture of running behind fashion, trends, and being superior. The people are content, in harmony, and in happiness.

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