10 Best Things to Buy in Agra

Agra is one of the most beautiful cities in India which is famous for mostly all the architectural monuments here. The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind about Agra is the ‘Taj Mahal’. Even apart from this, there are several other palaces and monuments from the Mughal era that makes this place a hotspot for many tourists. These are a symbol of how enhanced the architectural abilities of the people of that time were.

However, one of the main reasons of visiting Agra is the large variety of shopping items that is available there. For shopaholics, Agra can be considered paradise for all the big and small things that they can buy from here. One of the major things that you can buy from this small yet magnificent city is the different leather products.

Most of the tourists while leaving Agra have some major leather products with them that they have bought from here. Some of the other major products found in Agra are mini marble structures, amazing rugs & carpets, glazed tiles, and several other unique things.

Shopping is an essential part of wandering. Many tourists just cannot struggle the lure of shopping as these items have the power to retain the memories of their trip to a specific destination. Many people don’t know about the above mentioned things that they can find in Agra. The Agra city is very well known for the local leather products, handcrafts and other delicious sweets that are a part of the identity of the city. The city is famous for the handicraft markets that are always filled with tourists.

One can find plentiful tourists, both Indian and foreigners, bargaining with retailers for a little figure of Taj Mahal. The tourists are recommended to buy similar souvenirs from certain reputed shops only to evadefrauds. Some of the famous local stuff that tourists should consider buying in Agra are

1. The Leather Products

The leather products that are found in the city of Agra are extremely special and are mostly famous because since they are made of genuine and extremely good quality of leather. The city of Agra is also famous as the ‘Leather Market’ in India. There are many leather products that can be found here like shoes, jackets, bags, belts, slippers, etc. The tourists are sure to find the best leather products in Agra. Also, the quality of the leather in the products makes Agra the bets place in India to buy leather from. Some of the best leather markets in Agra are Kinari Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar, Munro Road, Shahganji Bazaar, etc.

2. Jewellery

Agra is also famous for the jewellery items found here. There are several models of jewellery here that are built with some of the very precious stones and also diamonds. The workers there put in a lot of effort to create the best pieces of jewellery available. The jewellery of Agra is very famous after the jewellery made in Jaipur. You can buy jewellery from this city and take those with you. These jewellery products are made with some of the most precious stones like star, sapphire, ruby, diamonds etc. These jewelleries have some very exotic and exquisite designs. Some of the locations where you can find the famous jewellery shops are - Fatehabad Road, Raja KiMandi market, Kalakriti market, etc.

3. Handicrafts

Handicrafts are also one of the most famous things that the tourists can buy in Agra. Agra was the land of the Mughal rulers who were extremely fond of crafts. For this reason, even till now, Agra is the home for many craftsmen and the best place for them to showcase their talents. Tourists can buy various types of handicrafts here, like marble soap stones, flower pots, various statues, glass handicrafts, etc. The shops that are resent near the Taj Mahal Complex is the best place to find several handicrafts, souvenirs, and other such things.

4. Marble Replicas

Marble replicas are the best forms of souvenirs that you can find in Agra. The shopping destinations in Agra, most of them, sell many souvenirs since a lot of tourists like to buy souvenirs to serve as a token of memory of visiting that place. Among such souvenirs, marble replicas are extremely famous. The marble replicas here imitate numerous objects like some ornamental boxes, vases, statues, table tops, et cetera. These are made of pure white marbles and thus very easily catch the attention of the tourists. Even though many places in Agra sells souvenirs, the best marble replicas can be found in the Marble Cottage at Fatehabad Road and a few other markets in the whole city.

5. Embroidery Textiles

Agra is also extremely famous for the hand embroidery textiles that are present here. Embroidery materialsof various designs and types like Silk embroidery, Zari embroidery, chain stitch embroidery etc. are extremely popular in Agra. Typically, embroidery materials in Agra practically made by hand. That is why the designs on saris or textiles sold in here look very fine and gorgeous. Also, the traditional embroidery clothes and fabrics that are found in Agra are typically used for weddings and are made of precious and gorgeous stones. Some of the places in Agra where you can find embroidery products of extremely fine quality are Subhash Bazaar, Embroidery Palace, and Gems and Art Gallery etc.

6. Rugs and Carpets

The rugs and carpets that are made in Agra are very popular and attractive with those little paintings and designs in them that holds a sign of the Mughal history of the city. The rugs and carpets look extremely authentic and are very attractive, often used as decorative at homes. Even among the rugs and carpets found in Agra, there are types, like the carpets for homes, wall hangings, decorative mats, etc. Some of the shopping destinations near the Taj Mahal Complex, where you can find such rugs and carpets are Sadar Bazaar, Shilpgram crafts village, Munro Road, Kinari Bazaar, and etc.

7. TajMahal Souvenirs

Everyone knows about the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders, is located in the beautiful city of Agra. So while visiting Agra, the best thing to buy as a reminder of the place for yourself or as a gift for any friend and family is the Taj Mahal Souvenirs. The Taj Mahal souvenirs sold here are made of crafts, marbles and even glass as well. They look extremely beautiful and attractive too. The best place to find such souvenirs in Agra are the shops present in the Taj Mahal Complex and also some of the other famous shopping destinations here.

8. Metal Wares

Metal Wares in Agra are another one of the products that are bought by tourists very frequently from this place. These objects are mostly made out of brass and are also considered among the best handicrafts that you can buy here. Some of the most popular metal wares found here are jewellery boxes, flower vases, metal sculptures, plates, and many more. These look extremely attractive and are very eye-catching. The places in Agra were such metal wares can be found are Gangotri Emporium, Shilpgram crafts village, Munro Road, Sadar bazaar, etc.

The city has some of the best things to buy in the country. These little things might not seem much but are the best things that would serve as a sweet memory in the future.